Possible name change? (xp)

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Possible name change? (xp)

So now that I'm getting down to the wire time-wise, I've really been questioning this baby's middle name. DH chose it of course, as he's a huge comic book fan, and Magnus is the original name of Magneto from the X-Men series. I didn't really care before because I was just so upset that this baby wasn't a girl (sorry... I just love girls!) that I let him choose the name... but now I'm really re-thinking it. I would love to give him DH's first name as a middle name (Donovan) because I think it sounds so much better, and I think it would be nice... but he absolutely refuses because his first son's middle name is Donovan, and he thinks that will be taking away from him in some way (reminder: DH has two sons with his first wife that live with their mom in Idaho). Any thoughts on that? Do you think he has a point, or is he being silly about a middle name that no one will really care about anyway? Since he was so against it, I started looking for other name possibilities, especially names with just one syllable, as I think it would sound the best with Trystan (something like Blaze?), and our last name has three syllables. Anyway, when I showed him a few that I like, he got all quiet and was like, "whatever you want to do." I hate it when men do that! Don't I have just as much of a right to change my mind if I don't like the name?

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First off, our son uses my husband's name for his middle name. BUT.... DS never uses his middle name.

If a middle name is a family member's name, then I think of it as a compliment to that person. But if it upsets DH for any reason, then don't go there.

There are lots of wonderful one syllable names to choose from if you decide to go that route. Good luck!

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There seems to be a tradition with my boys on using family names as middle names. My LO will have DH's name as his middle name. It was a compromise because he really wanted a Jr. and I was dead set against that idea. So, Devin Byron it is!

I think you should try and explain (again...I know!) why you feel the way you feel about using his name as LO's middle name. If it still bothers him, then try to work out a compromise on an alternate middle name...something you BOTH like. Sorry this debate is happening now... :bighug:

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What about seeing if you can find an alternative to Donovan or a shorter version or something? I will say honestly I might be a bit hurt if DH remarried and named a future child with one of the names of our child and I can't imagine if I remarried and had another child I would want to use any part of my current children's names. But I don't really have a reason it just would feel off to me.

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Our son's first name is Cable (from X-Men, but not really "because of that", although my husband is also a HUGE comic fan). I personally love Magnus as a middle name -- total sidenote, because it really doesn't matter what I think Smile

If YOU don't really like it now, odds are you may have regrets and not like it later, too.

I also understand where your DH is coming from. I couldn't give any children of mine the same middle name, either.

Maybe try looking at other comic book characters and see if anything jumps out at both of you?