Postpartum Weirdness

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Postpartum Weirdness

Since I've had my baby I've noticed something weird...the hair on my legs now only really growns from my shins down. It does grow on the rest of my legs, but the hair grows very slowly, very thin, and very blonde!

Are any of you ladies experiencing any weird pp things?

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ha, so glad you asked.

I stink. TMI, ick, I'm so sorry. I'm a heavy sweater all of a sudden, plus my hair isn't so dry either. I'm loading on the fenugreek so everything I own smells like an Ihop.

My tastebuds have changed. I'd only eaten pork (aside from breakfast meat) a handful of times before (usually as a guest just to be polite, and I've got a sirloin roast with onions baking right now. SO is beside himself with joy.


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My armpit hair has become very sparse! Like, it's still growing long if I don't shave it, but only out of 1/3 of the hair follicles it used to grow from :confused: And it's very thin, too, instead of coarse.


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Lol nothing weird here (except me I guess lol) but I've enjoyed this thread anyway... Lol

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My leg hairs are taking a long time to grow. I feel bad for my DH, it's been awhile since I have had the time or the energy to shave my legs. Other then that nothing else really that I have noticed...