POTW 1/1/12

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POTW 1/1/12

Happy New Year, Mama's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that 2012 brings you all peace, love, happiness, and most important...uninterrupted sleep!

Now let's see some babies!

Since it is January 1st, post a pic of your LO celebrating the new year!

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We partied hard! Carter was fast asleep by 9pm...and I followed soon after at 11pm!

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Here's my precious little man!
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Here's Aubrey - The party animal! Didn't get any photos of our actual night but we were up at midnght!

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Landon was unconsious at midnight LOL. I dont know how this was comfortable.

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aw, all of the babies are so cute!

here's matthew cheering on the giants on new year's day Smile

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This was from the 2nd but I figured rather than starting a whole new thread I'd put this here Smile You can see what a big boy he is LOL