Potw 1/15/12

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Potw 1/15/12

Sorry this is a few days late, ladies! I've been working and Carter now thinks that he should stay awake all night and sleep all day...and I've been trying to get him back on track.

This week's POTW is.............SMILING BABIES!

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He got his dimples from mommy and daddy!

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Aww what a gorgeous pic Jen! I can't get Trystan to smile on camera lol! I've tried so many times and he just won't do it for me... It's like he knows what I want and is refusing me!

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Need pics! Biggrin

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Not quite smiling, smirking at the most. I can never catch her smiles on camera Sad

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It is so hard to catch them on camera! As soon as you replace mommy's face with a blinking camera - POOF! Smile disappears!

Here are a goofy few of Mr. E. He has a darling dimple - not from his dad or I though!

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Cute babies, ladies! Jen didn't specify we needed to post a happy/cute smile...so here is my little guy's evil smirk:

And NO he didn't eat the cookie...haha. He just held it by his mouth while my sister and I snapped photos and laughed our pants off.

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Here is my happy little man.