POTW 1/8/12

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POTW 1/8/12

Sorry I'm a day behind on this. I had to work yesterday and I am sick too. Yuck.

This week's POTW is....BATH TIME! Let's see some soapy, chunky babies!

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Awww Jenn he's beautiful! Sorry you can see Trystans peepee in this shot, but its the only one that I have on my phones Im at work! Here's T with his big sister Liberty!
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Excuse my ghetto bathtime- our baby tub has disappeared so Em bathes in the big tub lying on a handtowel so he's not on the cold slippery tub bottom!

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"sandraleigh" wrote:

Excuse my ghetto bathtime

Haha, don't you worry. Wait til you see our bathtime!