Prayers needed for my pregnant SIL... *updated*

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Prayers needed for my pregnant SIL... *updated*


My SIL had a baby girl this morning, 3lbs 12oz, 20cm long. Ended up having a c-sec as baby was coming out feet first. My SIL is doing well, but they took babe away and my SIL hasn't seen her yet. My BIL caught a glimpse of her just before. So thankful, but still need prayers, as it is still very critical. I am pretty sure they are in the hospital Melanie is mentioning... at least I hope they are, by the sounds of how good it is! Thank you everyone for your prayers... they are very much appreciated!

My SIL is currently 31wks pregnant with her third child. She lives in Alberta (we are in Ontario). She has subchorionic hematoma, a blood clot 7cm across her belly below her belly button. She has had a very complicated pregnancy, and has been on and off strict bed rest, as she has had bleeding, and lots of pain. On Tuesday she went into ER because of really bad pain, and they admitted her, as she had a really strong contraction while she was there. They gave her two injections of steriods to help develop baby's lungs.
I just got a phone call from my MIL stating that she is currently being taken by ambulance to Edmonton as she is in labour.
Please please pray for her, and for the baby, that all may be well. So far the baby has been growing amazingly and is very strong, we are more worried for my SIL's health.
Now if this doesn't put me into labour, worrying about her, I will be suprised.
Thanks for the love.. and prayers Smile

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Oh dear! I'll include her and the baby in our prayers tonight. Please KUP

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Oh no how scary KUP

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Sending prayers to you and your family! I am sure they are taking her to the hospital that I delivered at...they are the best! She really would be in the best hands there. Please keep us updated as to how she is doing. Take care.

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ya, they will be taking her to the Alex as Melanie said. They are awesome there. I spent time in the NICU there with my friend's preemie and the nurses are so amazing. The steroid shots make a huge difference. The NICU has a lots of supports for the familes as well.

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Will do. Hope all goes well KUP

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any update? have been thinking of her and hope she and baby are doing ok.

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Prayers coming for your niece.

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Well, congrats to your SIL on her teeny tiny bundle of joy! I sure hope her family and baby are doing well!

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Congrats to your SIL! I will keep her and her tiny babe in my thoughts and prayers.