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Pre E

So generally I feel like poo. I threw up yesterday, Ive had a mild headache for three days and my bp was at 147/100. The dr. Said to monitor it and come back in two weeks unless something happens. I was in shock whenshe took it just having learned shevwanted to induce me two to three weeks early, so she chalked my bp up to that.

However, at home, it's still elevated - my normal is 110/70 and it's at 138/90. So, since I wasn't smart enough to ask, how many days in a row does it have to be high before I go to the clinic? (it's usually a six to eight hour wait so I won't go unless I have to) does three more days of feeling the same sound reasonable or should I wait until it worsens? I don't feel nausaus anymore and I'm putting myself on modified bedrest.

I've read that pre-E can be diagnosed with two high readings within sic hours but also that it takes two readings a week apart. I'm a bit at a loss.

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I don't know exactly what it takes to be diagnosed with pre-e, but I developed pregnancy induced hypertension at 36 weeks with Jack, and it worked into pre-e on his due date. I don't think that simply having high/elevated bp will give a dx of pre-e, you also need to be showing toxins in your urine and have abnormal bloodwork to confirm the diagnosis. I had to do a 24 hour urine catch and bloodwork each week (sometimes twice a week) and NST's almost every other day between 37 and 40 weeks with Jack.

Good luck, do your best to relax (impossible, I know!!!), and make sure you hydrate and avoid salty foods. *hugs*

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It is weird. I had severe pre-e and I had no symptons. I agree it is just not high BP that means Pre-e. They need to do urine tests for protein and blood work. Not sure what they check for blood work but my internal medicine specialist has told me that when I have a BP readings of over 140/90 for 4 days that they would get me to do blood work to see if my BP was just going up or if it was pre-e. They also do blood flow check with u/s every two weeks - with pre-e there will be decreased blood flow to baby. I too would rest and keep aware of all symptons and your bp. If at any time you feel it is off go in - don't wait. Good luck and keep us updated.

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Just lurking, you need to do a 24 hr urine drop to test your protein levels. The best thing you can do in the mean time is stay rested, keep your salt intake low to reduce any unnecessary swelling, keep hydrated, and relax. If you start seeing floaters in your vision, have consistant headaches, etc then it's time to go. Pre-E is dangerous. I was induced at 38 weeks because of it.

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Please be careful! I just went through this and it wasnt pre-e. it was just high BP. I'm on complete bed rest and only water to drink and on a low sodium diet (yuck) but LO is doing great. My doc is going to reevalute in a week. If you feel like it need to be looked at go into an urgent care or go to L&D they will always help you and even if nothing is wrong it will put your mind at ease and that may lower your BP

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I agree with the pp's about taking it easy. That's one reason I am sure that my elevated bp turned into pre-e with my son. I was NOT ABLE to rest due to a death in the family. But I was also at a point where they could get me in pretty fast to get the baby out if needed. I am scared that I'll develop it again. I pray that I don't.

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Hope you're feeling a bit better now. Sounds like some great info from the BTDT's Smile

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I'm sorry I can't answer your question about pre-e, as I'm not farmiliar with it at all. But I'm also sorry that you're having to go through this! I guess the good news is you get to meet baby a few weeks early!

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I had pre-e with my first daughter, and i had 2 high blood pressures on the same day, then I did the 24hr urine test, then they decided it was pre-e and i had my daughter by c-section within 24hrs of that.. I think mine was more on the severe side, but I don't know... they usually will do the 24hr pee test before then diagnose you to my understanding