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Not me, Tori Spelling! she has already announced it, which to me means she must be at least 3 months! Her baby is just a few weeks older than mine. It makes me realize any of us could be preggers again! so what's everyone thinking now(for themselves)?
already preggo?

I am pretty sure we are done, but you never know. so I won't say DONE! a few days ago my husband said he definitely wants another, but only if it is a girl! Lol sounds like adoption for us Smile

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We will probably have another in a year or two - provided we don't get preggo sooner, since we aren't using anything and we're relying solely on BFing as our "contraception". Hee hee hee....

I'd prefer to wait another year before TTC, but I'm just too lazy to use anything else LOL

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not trying...hoping to wait till January or February of next year to ttc. Smile i like the two year spacing!

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We're complete! I actually have a totally irrational fear of getting pg again. Irrational because we've dtd 2x since DS :oops:, I have no period, and it took 4 years & 5 months of trying to get us DS. Am I nuts? I had a miscarriage prior to DS, early on at about 8 weeks, but it really shattered me - I can't imagine going through that again. I must be nuts. I've decided not to take the mini-pill because I hate hormones & learned that the hormones transfer in my milk. On the bright side, rubbers seem to be much improved in the past decade or two! I really want DH to get the vasectomy but he's suddenly turned into a typical male! He actually told me on vacation that unless I was putting out more there would never be a reason to! What an *ss, I hope he's enjoying his hand - after typing this I'm going to hide all my lubes and lotions mwah ha ha haaa. Prior to this he'd always agreed it made sense, supported his friends and relatives who have had the procedure done & said it would be better he did the surgery than me. Maybe I need to book the tubal & hope he mans up. Grrr.

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I'm 99% sure we're done. Not sure enough to tie my tubes, but I can't foresee us intentionally having another.

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Waaah! I thought it was going to be a "I'm pregnant" thread!! Waaahhh!

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I was done before I got pregnant with Landon. And I should be done since we have 7 between us but.................. I would be lying to say that I didnt want to try one more time for a little girl. Landon not being a girl was devastating to me and I think that is part of the reason why I have gone back on my choice to not have more. I want to wait until Febuary to try again cause I want them 2 years apart but close to the same time of the year so that if it is a boy I have everything I need lol.

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We aren't done. Right now we are using condoms. I want to give my body a full year to heal before trying to TTC. I had a rough delivery and recovery and it still hurts to DTD. We were thinking about maybe trying in June of next year but I may push it back another year because I'm probably going to go to grad school.

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Right now we are done. We already have 4 and with Keira and Kayrael being so close in age I don't think I could handle it if we got pregnant again. Things are just starting to get a little bit easier and manageable. Rob on the other hand wants at least 2 more, I think he is crazy!!!!

But I had the chance to get my tubes tied and wasnt 100% positive about being done so I didn't get that done....

I did tell Rob that when we move into a bigger house and I feel that we are a little bit more financially stable that we can try for 1 more.. I think I was crazy when I said that. lol.. Either way he wants an august baby for 2013..... I am very confident that won't happen Smile

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DONE! Lol just because each pregnancy and labor gets harder and harder. If it wasn't so hard on my body then I would I try for a girl, but since it is. We are done!

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We're undecided. I know we don't want to do anything until after Sept 2013. My sister is getting married next Sept and I really don't want to be preg or nursing. Waiting that long too means I can hopefully avoid 3 in daycare. But we might be content with 2. I have NO desire to ever be pregnant again so we'll see!

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Im actually devestated iver this Sad i want one more, dh doesn't. My head says NO, my heart says YES. I talked about this with my baby support group and it helps to talk it out. I swear if it weren't for them I'd be in a full blown depression!

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Sadly we are done. I would love to have one or two more, but not only can we not afford anymore kids, but DH absolutely DOES NOT want anymore. He didn't want anymore after our son Max, just because of everything that we went through to be together. He wants to go get the big "V" soon, until then I'm still EBF and on the mini pill.

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I think we are done.