Prenatal Appointment Today

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Prenatal Appointment Today

So I had my regular prenatal today. I was informed that as of Sunday, if I go into labor, we are having a baby. My induction is Nov 18th and I really want to make it to that date. I have so much going on in nursing school and with the beautiful autumn season..I'd love to enjoy it a little. That being said, I'm pretty stinkin uncomfortable. Yesterday I felt great but late last night I started contracting so I just went to bed. I woke up very sore and achy, not to mention irritable. Oh yeah, hungry too! Dh and I went to red lobster for lunch and I ate so much and still felt hungry. My dr did comment that the baby is a lot bigger from last visit and apparently we are in a growth spurt. My hunger is reflecting that. Smile Normally I'm all focused, about saving money, doing school work, nesting, really disciplined. Today I just threw caution into the wind and am stumbling through the day. Infact this evening I'm watching a movie with my kids and we are having frozen pizza, with cookies, and ice tea. Yeah, it's that sad! LOL. Anybody else just stumbling through uncomfortable and wondering how this is all going to play out?

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I'm totally feeling your pain! Has your OB said that BTDT moms many times over (like us) may be lucky enough to go early??

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Yeah I've had an increase in my appetite lately too! Sounds like your body is getting ready to have that baby. I hope he stays in a bit longer because of school......but.....I wouldn't be surprised to log on any day now to see that your LO has arrived!

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I've also been feeling "never full" (okay, I did feel full once after we went to an INDIAN BUFFET) and turns out I gained 5 lbs in 2 weeks. Ugh.

Your evening with your kids sounds totally fun! Hope you make it to 18th Nov!

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Congrats on a good appointment, but sorry you're feeling so uncomfortable already. Your idea of stumbling through the day and a slacking off dinner is almost standard fare around here, lol, and we only have 1! Smile