Prenatal Massage

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Prenatal Massage

I have booked an appointment for a prenatal massage for August 26th! I'm so excited.

Anyone else doing this? Or had a prenatal massage before?

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I have never had a massage before EVER.

Have fun!

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That sounds heavenly! Never had a PG massage yet, I'm jealous too! Heck even being able to lay facedown will be awesome Smile

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Yes and no?

SO was a licensed massage therapist for a while - He's now working in a different profession. He'll give me a "professional quality" massage once a week or so, but never for a full hour or 90 minutes.

I'm hoping to get a prenatal massage soon. I keep telling myself that I'll get one after I pay for x large expense or y big bill. I guess I just need to go ahead and spoil myself.

((((FWIW- I DO know that it is really important to ensure the massage therapist you are seeing has had formal training in working with pregnant bodies. There are certain pressure points, esp in the lower back/feet/hands that should definitely be avoided before 36 weeks. ))))

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Yes!! I did them last preg and have been going to the pregnancy spa again this time. Dh gets me a gift certificate and I LOVE IT!! I have already had a massage this time since this pregnancy had been alot harder on me. I highly recommended it. It is very relaxing. They spa I go to used all natural preg safe products and oils and all of the staff is trained in preg safe massage techniques so I fell very safe! For the massage they have you lay on your side and switch halfway through. I have also had pedicured and facials there along with our early gender scan! This place makes alot of $$ off me!

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I would say lucky for you and I am sure you are super but for me not so lucky.. I have never had someone message me other then Rob, Maybe when I lose all the baby weight and am at my goal weight then MAYBE. lol. But until then nobody is touching this lumpy body. lol.

With that being said I hope you enjoy it Smile

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I will be next! There is a spa near me that has a discounts for pre-natal massages. I had them last preg and they are amazing! You will love it!

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i've never had a prenatal massage but am going to start hinting to DH that he should book me one when we go to disney in september.

enjoy! you will have to report back to us about it!!!

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They're wonderful!! I got two prenatal massages from spas and I have had two 'massages' (just my back) from my physical therapist and they were all heaven. Friend of mine is a licensed massage therapist and she's moving here later this week, can't wait to go see her and get more lol

ETA- I enjoyed the PT's massages the best. She really got down deep in my muscles and relaxed them more so than the massage therapists, who just sort of rubbed my back gently.

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I can't wait! I'm so excited about it.

Jasmine, I'm so jealous that your SO knows how to give massages! I checked with the company and their massage therapist has been trained for prenatal massage. What a relief. I didn't want to cancel. Smile

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Yes I had one with DS#2 (it was actually a gift from a girlfriend of mine, I was her maid of honor and this was her gift to all of us!)... it was amazing! I would love to do it again, especially with this baby who makes my back hurt all the time lol! Enjoy!!

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I just had my very first prenatal massage last Friday! My boss bought it for me as I was traveling and working a trade show and suffering extreme lower back pain and hip issues. What the masseus (sp?) did combined with a couple of adjustments from a midwife completely saved me! It was so great. Enjoy!!

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I am thinking of going...did not do with with last PG.

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I just booked one too! I cant wait Smile my hubby likes to play with my hair but not massages... thats ok Smile it will be a treat cause parker is lying on my sciatic nerve ugh.

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I just booked on yesterday for Aug 18th, so excited to go. My friend went last year when she was pg and really recommended it to me.