Previous c-section scar pain?????

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Previous c-section scar pain?????

For those of you who have had previous c-sections do you notice pain in your scar area now that you are getting bigger and baby may be dropping?

It might be different for me only because I got pregnant so quickly but lately I have been having some bad pain on my left side of my scar. Should I be concerned and should I bring it up with my doctor?

The other night I actually woke up from the pain, but when I switched positions the pain kind of subsided.. Strangely enough it is the same side that hurt the most when I was recovering from my c-section with Kay.

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YES! I asked my Doc about this as I was having it very bad. It is from your scar adherering to your uterus. Some parts "adhere" harder than others. For me, it was sort of a spot in the center of the scar and on one side of the scar. And if I moved it or rubbed the scar area, it really hurt -- so I knew something was going on specific to my C-Section scar. It's normal, just annoying.

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I've had that--mostly I feel like baby's going to fall out of where my incision line is. I am bringing it up tomorrow at my appointment.

What has really bothered me lately is that I had a large (about the size of my thumbnail) mole removed last fall right above the hairline under my c-section scar--pretty much they did the incision higher for the section because of the mole--and that darn scar has been ITCHY beyond belief. Its super annoying, and nothing works to keep it from itching. I know its because its getting stretched out and stuff, but still. super annoying.

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So far I have been problems with mine. But my scar is almost 7 years old.

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I haven't had a c-section, but I have friends that have talked about the same kind of thing happening with them. Have you asked your OB if there's anything you can do about the pain?