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Okay this may sound like I am losing my mind but I know I am not the only one.....

For those that pump does your pump talk to you?? I'm pumping right now and it's saying "try to poop" lol another time it was calling me a player... it has said other stuff I just can't recall. I probably am going crazy from lack of sleep but just thought I would check with you ladies and see what or if your pump talks to you.

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:lurk: Hi Samantha!! I hope you won't mind my dropping in to weigh in on this one. LOL I know you may feel a bit crazy in posting this but you actually are not the first over the years that I've heard with this -- um...... phenomenon. It appears that Medela in particular has a reputation for *talking* to its electric pump users.

Supposedly what is happening is that the rhythmic "whoosh" "whoosh" ' ing sounds (sorry, not sure how to describe it!) taps into your auditory senses to the point that they try to make sense by transposing the sounds into words... somewhat like that trick that our eyes play when viewing various numbers turned on end into an image or word. Thus the words being *heard* are likely different for each person.

I would love, love, love for you to create a blog entry about this here onsite! I'll help you get set up if you drop me a note via pm or email. I'll bet you would have others chiming in for sure!

For now, to help you know that you aren't alone (or crazy!! LOL) -- here are a few links for you to read on the topic by others that TOTALLY have 'been there, done that!':

Common Crazy and The Talking Breast Pump.

My Medela Speaks to Me

Does your Pump talk to you?

The breast pump is talking to me... (This one is actually DADs sharing that *they* hear words!)

While I'm sure you likely could use some sleep (I've not met a parent yet that couldn't do with more... and many with littles in the infant stage may feel like walking zombies more often than not... at least for THIS you can know it is a shared "craziness." Smile

~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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Oh wow! That's very interesting! First, let me tell you that I have never pumped with an electric pump. So I never experienced what you are writing about. At first i thought that maybe indeed you are over tired and over worked! Biggrin But after reading a few links that Missy provided, I see how it is possible to "hear voices" during pumping! Phew!

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Your not alone. When I was pumping with my daughter I was also battling PPD.I literally cried when it happened the first time.I thought for sure I had lost my mind and was going to end up in a mental hospital. When I told people they looked at me like I was off my rocker. I started wearing headphones when I pumped which only added to the feeling that I was insane. Finally I told my therapist about it and she laughed so hard! I burst into tears and she quickly told me she had the same thing happena nd explained it to me. I made it a game with my kids when I was pumping with Joshua and then again with Landon. We would all try to figure out what the breastpump was "saying" We all always heard different stuff too. It is wierd in the beginning but you are far from alone!!

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Mine talked to me! It said "Get that Milk."

Yup... pumps have a lot to say!

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LOL Oh man I hope my pump doesn't start talking to me - I don't need one more mark on my crazy card Wink When I'm pumping more at work I'll have to listen LOL

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mine was saying "need a pro" this morning...... I think the lack of sleep makes us go crazy. lol

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your post is funny because it's true!!

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:huh::ROFL: This is by far the oddest post I have ever read!!! I've been using the Medela Symphony pump and definitely have not heard any voices... if I did I would definitely run screaming for the hills!!

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Do you use the really big hospital grade Medela? When I used one, the sound definitely talked!

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I have the medela pump in style.. I think thats what it's called. It has the double pump so incase you already don't feel like you are a cow being milked by just doing one side at a time they give you the option to pump both breasts at the same time. Lol.

Oh the things we do for our little ones Smile