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Are you doing anything to celebrate the holiday weekend?

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Naw nothing major. DH's brother is coming to visit from TX so we'll spend a day with the inlaws

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The 4th of July holiday is my favorite. It is always a 2 or 3 day celebration. Tonight we will be going to fireworks which are considered to be the largest display in the midwest.Tommrow we have a family cookout,parade and the fireworks again. On Sunday is pretty much the same thing.I just hope the weather holds out for us to be able to get all the events in.I LOVE this time of year.

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My DD will be turning 4 on 5th of July, so we will have a party on the 4th and a party on the 5th!

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sounds fun! I'm working...and if SO ever wakes up, we're going to go garage sale-ing today!

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Working! I even have to close on the 4th, but DH and babies are going to wait for me and just do late fireworks at 9PM!

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Yesterday we went to Canada day family day on the plaines d'Abraham, then nap, then went back for the fireworks. Today we went and got 150 free Disney movies from a friend who is decluttering with get this, a free 40 inch tv!!! Score!! Now we are going to the aquarium and splash park, home fir nap then
off yo a BBQ. Tomorrow is strawberry picking and then I'm skipping our on dinner with the inlaws do I can plan my week. I'm giving full time private English lessons this week - lots of work but at 32$ an hour how could I refuse? I'm tired just thinking about it, but happy I'll be able to go shopping! All this and the renovations start sometime this week...

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I love the 4th, it's my favorite!

I am on vacation until the 11th too Smile

Monday, DH, DS & I are going to the Rodeo and then fireworks after. Then DS & I are heading to the beach for the rest of the week Yahoo
Can't wait!!

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Just a normal weekend here!

We are off to SO's grandparents today for a birthday.