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Who will be present at your labor and delivery? Are you limiting visitors after the birth?

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I will just be me, so and my mw during labour and delivery if all goes to plan. MIL will be looking after DS up at our place, and we will ring her once we have settled into our postpartum room. Last time I also had my mum with us, she was great support Smile

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Just me and DH!!!

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Just DH for delivery. Afterwards my family will visit but no one goes nuts. I don't mind visitors mostly I find the hospital exceptionally boring

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Since I am having a c-section just Rob, and then we will call people when I am all settled and in the room which is about 11 or 12:00 depending on how I am feeling.

thats what we did last time and it will be the same this time.

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Just DH. My friend keeps saying that she wants to be there, but I don't really want her to so it's awkward to tell her...

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"ashamom27" wrote:

Just DH. My friend keeps saying that she wants to be there, but I don't really want her to so it's awkward to tell her...

UGH how awkward!!!!!!! I will never ASK to be at a birth - IMO, it is less awkward to wait to be asked.

I'm really hoping for just me, SO and my Mother. SO REALLY wants his entire freaking family there - his Mom in the room, and his Stepdad/brothers waiting right outside the door. No way! I might "accidentally" drop his phone in the birthing tub to prevent them from being invited....just kidding.

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Just DH in the room for delivery. When I was labouring with DD, my mom, MIL and FIL did stop by to see me and say hello, but just DH stayed for the birth.

Afterwards, all family is welcome to come and visit! DD and DS will likely be with my IL's so we'll have them bring them to see me and the baby as soon as we are settled in our room in the Mother & Baby Unit.

I don't mind other visitors either, I love company! As long as they check beforehand to make sure it is a good time and I am up to it.

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Will be DBF and my mom.His mom has hinted at wanting to be there but I dont know her very well and refuse to be uncomfortable during labor with someone I dont know well in the room. As soon as the baby is born either DBF will go get my 3 kids or whoever has them will bring them to the hospital.They will be on the way to the hospital before I am even out of the delivery room.I just want all my babys together as soon as I can get them.It is the way I have always done things. As soon as my 3 see Ladon then DBF will get his kiddos to come and meet their brother. We have agreed to do it like this cause having 5 kids in one small room all wanting to bond with their new brother is too much for me and the baby and really isnt fair to them as they are not going to want to have to share him. Once all 5 kids have met the baby I will allow visitors but really am hoping noone shows. I would really like it to be quiet. I am hoping to make it home and wait a week or 2 to get visitors at all. I am hoping if I post pictures online that will help keep them away for a those few extra days. Bringing a baby home with 5 kids at home that still will require my attention ( school cooking blah blah blah) is going to be a change for me. With my other kids my mom stayed with me for a month to help with that stuff and my 2 kids were pretty easy going when they got their siblings. So if I can keep people away while I adjust I would love that lol.

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I'm very particular about this. As far as being in the room during delivery, DH and DH only! If I had the option I would boot out all of the nurses, too lol! It's just a very private and personal experience for me, so the less people there the better. As far as visitors go, with both of my sons I had a slew of people over the two days that I was there, and I really didn't like it but never said anything. With DD I didn't tell anyone that I was in labor except for my parents, and after she was born my mom brought my sons to see the baby and so that she could see her, too. There was no one else, and I prefer it that way... it will be the same this time around (although I will be telling you ladies!), just my mom and my children, but they'll come after the baby arrives. I just personally feel that those first precious few hours I want to be selfish with and only share them with my absolute closest family.

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I'm only going to have DH and BFF. No one will be called untill after the baby is born and we have done all of the first ex. diaper, bath, photos. I love my family but they dont listen and think they know whats best! (ugh) lol. I was at my BFF birth and her whole family plus extra ppl were there and thats the one thing she really regrets. so she will be my enforcer Smile she did great at my wedding so I know she can do it for Parkers birth Smile Good luck ladies and I hope everything goes as planned Smile

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Labor- Doesn't matter to me who shows up to visit. But we won't be telling many people when we head to the hospital anyway.

Delivery- Matt and my mom will be present for his actual birth. Everyone else can wait in the waiting room.