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Who is still working outside of the home and if you are when do you finish?

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Me... im still at work but my last day is this friday .. Sad im sad but happy that my lo will be here soon Smile

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i'd love to go TO work for the next couple of weeks. being 8 months pregnant and chasing a 2 year old around all day is way harder than when i used to sit at my desk! i could use a break! lol!!

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Me, me (raising my hand like a 2nd grader!!)!! I'll be here until I go into labor. I can't afford to take much time off (I haven't decided just how long yet, but it will be no longer than 4 weeks off) so I will be working up until my water breaks!! I'm just praying I won't be at work when I go into labor! My job is not too bad though, I sit all day and my shifts are only 6 hours long.

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I'm still at work. No reason at all not to that I can think of. I worked right up until 40 weeks last time and intend to do the same this time. I work in an office, at a desk. I can do that until he arrives Smile I get 12 weeks total so I don't want to take any prior to his arrival if I can help it!

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My last day is Friday :woohoo: I'll be 37 weeks 3 days then. Looking forward to the weekend and enjoying cleaning up the house & getting all ready for baby!

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I actually went back to work temporarily until babies come home from.the.nicu, needed to save my.fmla time

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I will work as long as I can. I have a desk job, so it is not exhausting to be here. I had yesterday off and was home with DS. He mentally exhausts me these days!!!!

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Kudos to you ladies!

Being a SAHM to a 4 year old and 2.5 year old is exhausting enough for me! I can't imagine actually having to get dressed and presentable for work each day! Thankfully my kids think pajamas are presentable.

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Honestly, I think staying at home with my daughter would be more demanding than teaching! Kudos to all the sahm who still
have their sanity!