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QOTD: friday

Since I'm renovating an entire floor, this question is purely selfish Smile

If you could change on thing about where you live, excluding size and location, what would it be and why??

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I'd put the laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms, unfortunately that would mean giving up my walkin closet so it's not going yo happen! I would also put in abroom closet on the main floor. I'm getting this though when I move my washer and dryer to the basement in a new laundry / bathroom.

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Make the kitchen and living room an open floor one.

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I love my house but I want to finish the basement! And I wish we didn't have neighbors behind us.....I'd be happy a bit more isolated but I love having a little cul de sac Evan can ride his bike on etc so it's a trade off on that one

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Oooh... I would put in hardwood floors throughout the entire house!

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More closets and storage!!!

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this is a great question.
add a clawfoot tub.
more windows for more light.
a gas stove & a washer in dryer in our unit!!!!

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Hmm it is a tough question. I'd like the house to be bigger so we could have real closets. But that is 2 things and hey if the house is bigger, we could do so much more Lol .
Our house is really old, so it was built without closets, people just bought big wooden (or whatever) cabinets. I find that completely annoying because it takes up our wall space. Generally I don't find the tastes here suitable to me. Most furniture is super modern shiny surfaces either white or black. There are wooden things too, but not very pretty. When we redid our bedroom it was a giant compromise for me. Here is my closet:

Also because we have an old house we have been renovating so much, but there is always more that needs to be done.

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1. More/bigger closets
2. a non-dirt basement/crawlspace
3. New kitchen cabinets/counter

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Pretty much the same over here. More and bigger closets (linen closets, utility closets, broom closets, storage closets). Would like to be on a flat or level street rather than a hill as I think you get better neighbourhood for kids riding bikes, to meet & play etc.

This house was only 6 years old when we moved in... so we are surprised that things have been done so wonky, and so 1995 - but we were maxed out on our pricepoint AND in a rush when we bought.

We really would love to renovate the kitchen & dining room area (which is supposed to be a sitting room & has a gas fireplace) into one open plan by knocking out the wall between, modernize & get rid of the current oak cabinetry and put in new appliances. The fire place should be in the living room area. Only grannies have sitting rooms these days right?! Why would a granny need a 5 bedroom house? Of course that would mean all new flooring on half the upper level, in the kitchen area I would love to have cork. Would prefer a pocket door to the ensuite and walkin as they are quite small, but then we could renovate it too and put in a flashy shower with seat because I only take a bubblebath once a year or so. To upgrade the mainfloor bathroom probably wouldnt take much just update the cabinetry, put in double sinks and redo lighting and flooring. (Just, she says boldly). From there is downstairs walkin basement... guest room, full bathroom (I think I would put a jetted tub down there, it would be quiet to run and I wouldnt worry about the weight/cleaning of it as it is used so rarely.. but could be like a family hottub room kwim?) that all needs updated cabinets tops with enough room for double sinks & the bathroom flooring lighting too. Then theres the office room, living area, plumbed area -what could be finished to a summer kitchen or prep for inlaw suite, laundry room, massive den room... all of which we have no idea where to start. Because we lack cupboards storage etc all our crap is scattered in the den and office. Oh and if we were to put in a proper suite (they are so in demand here) for tenants, we would have to upgrade our furnace system, separate firewalls, put in soundproofing, and split the hydro meters. Blah.

Outside there is more landscaping to finish up and I should be out there doing more weeding today!!! Oh and massive Pain-in-the-*ss is that our deck is off the kitchen, underneath it is the perfect barbeque pad access to backyard etc... but there are no stairs from our back deck to the lawn. So DH rarely bbqs because we have to go from the kitchen, across the living room, down the stairs, around the corner through the laundry & out the back door to get to the BBQ/backyard. Would help if we had finished up the yard and had somewhere out there to eat, or if we had the summer kitchen done to prep in. So add the stairs off deck reno too.

But, on the other hand we are blessed with this house because it is so customizable. It is too big for us, but that way we can never grow out of it. DH thinks we should downsize, but updating would be needed before we could put it on the market anyway. We would probably get out what we paid pre-recession so do have decent amount of equity, but i refuse to give a bunch to the d*mn provincial government in their property purchase taxes on the next house. Sigh. I dont feel trapped here though, I am quite happy to stay and ignore the problems just like I do with housework Wink I am staying put until we can afford the move renos and have enough to buy our dream oceanview!

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First, I got your MSG Summer but can't make the reply work. I live in Quebec City now but my aunt lives near Woodgrove and I'll actually be over there the third week in August.

I finished my plan, and thanks to your answers I feel justified in the three closets (one a walk in) were putting in the basement. They should start next Monday if all goes well! I'll put up some before and after pictures soon! Unfortunately we font have the cash gor new furniture or decorations but if I'm still living here, we should have the cash to slowly decorate come Fall!