QOTD - Friday

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QOTD - Friday

What is your favorite kind of food to eat?

You can be specific with certain foods, or tell me the ethnicity food style you prefer!

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I love anything spicy, but my fave is buffalo wings!!!!!!!! YUM!

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right now fruit Smile or anything cold.

When I am not pregnant I love cheesy pasta.

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I am a carb-oholic. I LOVE bread - any kind of bread! I love me a good cheese bun Biggrin

I also LOVE pasta with creamy sauces.

And I like me a good steak Biggrin

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OMG right now I'd kill for angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce and grilled chicken and the birthday cake/icing ice cream from baskin robbins!!

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I'm a carb person too pasta, bread, bagels Mmmmmmmm and I LOVE cheesecake! LOVEEEEEEEEE IT!

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I'm a carb-o-holic, too. I LOVE greasy, greasy corn chips with fresh, extra-spicy pico de gallo Biggrin

But between the pregnancy and this heat, my tastes are a little off. I've been craving mutton and nettle tea (WTF?) Just made some homemade, gluten free granola bars this afternoon Biggrin