QOTD: Friday

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QOTD: Friday

If you could have a superhero power what would it be and why?

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I used to think I'd like to not have to sleep, but then I really thought about it and I LIKE to sleep!!!

So, I think Id have to go with being able to hover and to fly. That would be total freedom. Could you imagine people's faces? They say something to you you don't like and zoom off you go!!

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I'm with you on hovering and flying. I can do it in my dreams all the time like it's perfectly normal. Usually the flying is more like soaring like an eagle from cliffs over forests. The hovering is akin to swimming up from the bottom of the pool, it requires that I use my hands to kind of shove myself up but then I can float in the air.

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Tough call Wink Flying would be pretty rad. So would being able to be invisible. Imagine how good I'd be at hide and seek! Biggrin

Very frivolous, but yesterday I wished that I could snap my fingers after a shower and my hair would be perfectly done:) Man, that would save me so much time! I have to blowdry and iron my super thick hair before I even look presentable. It takes me at least 45 minutes-an hour to do it nicely. That's why I only do my hair twice a week!!! Now THAT would be a cool super power.

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go without sleep!!!

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Good question... my DH would love this lol! I would love powers like Mystique in X Men... if you saw the moies she's the blue one that can take on the form of anyone else in the world. I think that would be awesome to be able to change into someone else!