QOTD- Saturday!

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QOTD- Saturday!

When do you think your LO will arrive? Late, early or right on time? Any guess as to their exact birthday?

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I'm so up in the air on this one! If both DD and DS had been late, I'd be pretty sure this one would too. But DD was born 2 days early (and she was my first baby), then DS was born 10 days late (I went in to labour 8 hours before my scheduled induction!)

It was miserable going 10 days late with DS. I'd love to go early again, but I doubt that will happen. I don't want to have to be induced, but I also don't want to go 10 days late again!

Here's hoping for a due date baby! Or I could handle 5 days late.....:D

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Just out of curiosity, have you BTDT Moms had good intuition about your LO's due dates in the past?

Sandra, I hope you go a little early!

I was initially SURE I'd go 10th November. I was a full week late, plus its the full moon. Better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed, right?

Now, I'm not so sure. Fundal height is way ahead. October 18th sounds right for some reason Biggrin

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I'm gonna put my money on him being early, but not too early. It's just a guess though, as all of my babies have been born at 39 weeks, but only my first baby did I actually go into labor on my own (at 39 weeks, 2 days). With Max I went in for my appt at 39 weeks, 3 days and was dialated 5 CM although I wasn't having any contractions. My OB wanted to send me right over to L&D but they had no available rooms, so he told me to go in at 7AM to be induced. With DD by my last month of pregnancy I was pretty much in tears every time I walked more than 5 minutes. It literally felt like she was going to fall out... I was in so much pain that I begged my OB to induce me, so she did at exactly 39 weeks. I'm really hoping to go into natural labor with this baby, but like I said I'm guessing as to when I'll deliver as even though they've all arrived in the 39th week, only my first came on his own time lol! We'll see... I'm really hoping for a November baby, only because DD's b-day is in December, my anniversary is the day after my due date, and with Christmas as well my Decembers are pretty packed! No one in my family has a November birthday, and it would be nice to have it spaced out even a little bit!

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Well I know it will be early...c-section is planned for around 38 weeks. We have not set a date..waiting to see how everything goes. I wonder if I would carry to term..but docs are to worried to let me try. So I am guessing a delivery date of Oct 21st.

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Melidie came a day early but I think this one will be at least a week if not two or three weeks early. Just an intuition.

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Well with all the confusion about conseption date and the size of LO it hink he will be here early. around oct 24 thats if my bp doesnt get higher than it is other wise anyday Sad

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I'm thinking early as well. This LO is so active and I have crazy BH contractions especially when I work. And since I have to work unless I get but on bedrest I think that will end up hurrying labor along. My fundal height is measuring just a few days ahead right now but we'll see.

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I have always gone before my EDD. Once just a day ahead, but still...
With my last pregnancy I developed a hind leak a month early. So my money is on an earlier than due date delivery. I won't be surprised if I have a Halloween baby! ( My EDD is Nov.10)
That's why I have been getting ready for the baby.
Oh, another thing, my fundal height is measuring 2 weeks ahead, when in my past pregnancies it always measured 2 weeks behind. Go figure!