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QOTD Thursday

What are your kid's middle names? How did you pick the middle name for this LO (if already chosen) and any other children?

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DS is a jr.
THis little man is going to have DHs fathers name for a middle name. He dies a few years ago.

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Evan's middle name is William - which is DH's middle name and a family name in his family. This baby will likely be Steven which is DH's first name. A baby girl would have been Mary after my gram who passed away in 2007. That was non-negotiable Wink

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Ella's middle name is Marie - we actually just picked it because it sounds nice together, but there ended up being a few "Marie"s down both our family lines.
Eli's middle name is Jeremy - the same middle name as his Daddy.

This time we don't really have any plans to use a special middle name. This makes me feel very unsentimental compared to most of you! Just the way we roll, I guess! This boy's middle name will probably end up being the name that DH wants and I won't let him use as a first name!

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DS1's middle name is Francis, which is his dad's middle name and was also my grandpa's middle name. DS2's middle name is Raymond, which was my other grandpa's name.

Baby girl's middle name will be Anne, which is my mom's middle name and DH's mom's middle name.

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My oldest middle name is Kenneth after his dad.My daughters middle name is Patrica after both my grandmothers (both were named Patrica so it worked out well and both have passed away) Joshua has 2 middle names.I wanted him named after my grandfather ( my only living grandparent) so he was going to be Joshua Lee but was looking through a name book and Blake kinda jumped out at me.So we went with both so he is Blake-Lee for a middle name. I decided to go with 2 middle names for Landon as well. He will be William after his daddy and Edward after his godfather. Having my kids named after someone in our family is very important to me.

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My first son's middle name is Anthony, after his dad.

My second son's middle name is Alexander. I chose it because his first name is Maximus, and I couldn't follow that up with something boring, so I chose another warrior sounding name lol!

My daughter's middle name is Jean. It's after DH's grandmother that passed away when I was pregnant with DD. The middle name was going to be Bella, but then got switched when she passed.

This baby's middle name will be Magnus (ugghh, it's DH's pick!), which is a short version of "Magneto", who is the villian in the X-MEN comics. DH is a huge comic book fan, so he was tickled pink when I let him choose the middle name for this baby! I did have a bit of a say, as he tried to name the baby "Victor Von Doom"... yes, I'm dead serious... after the villian in The Fantastic Four... my head is hanging in shame right now LMAO!

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His middle name will be Joseph after his daddy because my DH already had his son so we couldn't use jr. Parker Joseph Bean I really like it. My DH middle name is Lawrence but he didn't knoiw where it came from so we asked him mother and she told us that he was named after her uncle that passed away before my DH was born but she had never met him or had any special relationship with him.( her mother insisted that he be Honered). So thats how we picked it. sorry all of my post are so long its just so nice to talk to ppl that wont judge me and know what and how im going through things Smile