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QOTD: Thursday

How many siblings do you have? Are they married? Have they given you any nieces or nephews?

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I have an older brother, older stepbrother, and 2 younger half sisters, but I am the only one married. So no nieces and nephews on that side! I'm not so sure my brothers are the marrying type....and my sisters are still in high school!

DH has a younger sister and younger brother. His sister is married and has 2 kids (Jaxson, 3 years old, and Harper, born yesterday). His brother is just 19 and not married.

It's fun being an Auntie! I love having our kids close in age!

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I have 1 sister, 2 years younger than I am and she is engaged. Their wedding isn't until Summer 2013 though so we have time. On the bright side my goal for her wedding is to not be pregnant or nursing and have someone from DH's family come watch the boys. My sister will want them to be at the wedding/reception but if we bring along my niece on DH's side she can watch them and bring them back to the local B&B we'll probably stay at. It's walking distance from the reception location so we can park there and she can walk the kiddos back! My sister wants kids but probably not for 4 or 5 years.....hopefully she lives closer by then (she lives 3+ hours away in NYC now.....I'm pulling for her to be closer like an hour away max when she has kids)

On DH's side he has 3 sisters and a brother. Each of his sisters have 3 kids and the oldest niece has a son 6 months older than Evan! His parents have 10 grandkids, 11 when we have this baby and 1 great grandson! His brother is married but they don't plan on ever having kids (they are in their late 40s so that plan isn't likely to change they are very happy to not have kids).

DH's nieces and nephews are all about 2 hours away he's very close to them and always has been. I look forward to "my" sister having kids b/c we've always been close.

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I have four adopted brothers and sisters. I'm the only biological child in my family (I'm pretty sure because I "broke" my mom being a 10lb baby and she's teeny tiny and couldn't sit up for 3 days after having me NATURALLY!). So obviously I'm the oldest (29), my brother Jon is 22, my sister Mariah will be 13 next month, my sister MacKenzie is 11, and my brother Dean is 10... so no, none of them are married and certainly don't have any kids lol (I guess my brother Jon is old enough, but it's best that he doesn't procreate lol!)!!

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Lets see-I've got two older sisters (technically, half sisters, but my dad raised them as his own). Leslie and her spouse Tammy adopted a little girl from Cambodia 10.5 years ago, and she's just a wonderful child. My sister Cathy is married and has a son who is 21 and a 28 year old step son. So on my side of the family I have 3 nieces/nephews. I am the baby by 19 and 14.5 years.

My husband is one of 8 kids. There were five girls, all in a row. Then three boys, all in a row. He's the middle boy. I've lost track of how many nieces and nephews we have. Lets see: Kurt, Katie, Kathryn, and Kyle; Andrew, Michael, Austin; Julia, Olivia, Jack, and a new girl on the way in April; Mason, Hunter, Haley; Jimmy and Lexi...then there's the step neices and nephew-3 of them, and then Tanner, who is my sister in law's husband's son from a previous relationship, but who's mom grew up with all my sisters in law and who comes to family gatherings and calls me "Aunt Anne"...
For some reason I think I am forgetting someone....