QOTD : Tuesday

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QOTD : Tuesday

Fill in the blanks.

I hate doing (household task) because (________)

Joined: 02/20/11
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I hate going through paperwork because it takes forever and its neverending!!

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I hate doing the dishes because it is frustratingly unproductive (in that they are also never ending!)

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I hate putting the clean laundry away because it is no fun at all!

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I hate cleaning out the fridge because it just sucks having to take everything out, wash it and clean it then put everything back in and then the minute you do something always spills

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I hate doing housework because I'd rather sit around and read a book! ROFL

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I hate doing housework because I'll have to do it again the next day.

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Ok, now replace the chore with the word Sex

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Lol @ Melanie!!

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I hate doing housework because it sucks lol...

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I hate doing laundry because it never stops, and putting it away sucks.

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I hate DISHES!!!! I do them and 5 minutes later the sink is full again UGH It is the worst.

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