QOTD - Tuesday

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QOTD - Tuesday

How big is your house? How many bedrooms? Do you all fit?!

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4 bedroom, 2.5 baths, living room, family room, eat in kitchen. Finished basement with half bath. ~3000 sqft total. We all fit pretty well, but we could still throw some junk out to make more closet space Smile

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We're in a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home. Small living room, and kitchen/dining room. It's 1200 sq ft - it felt big when we moved in last year because our last home was 850 sq ft and only 2 bedrooms! Now it feels SOOOO small.

We have a finished basement with another bedroom, a bathroom, and a small kitchen. We rent it out to a tenant though, so we don't have that space, and I sorely wish we did! But our renter pretty much pays us enough to cover our mortgage each month, so that is nice.

The new baby will have to bunk with us for a while. The kids used to have their own rooms but I put them in the same one just a few months ago so we could have a "play room" with all the toys (got sick of toys all over the bedrooms!)

Eventually we may have to look for a new house, depending on what DH decides to do after he gets his CA (accounting designation) in December. We may move to a new city after that.

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Ha! We're in an approximately 600 square foot 1 bedroom/1bath urban apartment. It is set up pretty spaciously but we definitely won't be living here for much longer after the baby is born.

I do appreciate the fact that we're able to save money on housing for now - and I lived in approximately this same space with a 3-generation family of 3 when I studied abroad in the Crimea for 6 months :eek:

Thanks for doing a QOTD, Sandra!

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We have 4 bedroom and 2 baths and we all fit, but I definitely could use some more room! Esp. if my MIL does move in with us at the end of the year. :eek:

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We're in a 3 bdrm, 2 bth apartment. Front living room, back den/family room with fireplace, balcony, kitchen. Lots of closet space. Spacious for an apartment in southern Cali. The boys are roomed 2 (oldest) and 2 (youngest). Baby will room with me and DH. Fits all of us so far...including my dog Diva..LOL! We're looking to move into a bigger place next year.:)

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One bedroom duplex, 600 square feet, nope we don't fit! :huh:

We've got an application in on a two-bedroom, 850 square foot house with a big yard. Here's hoping that works out!!

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Compared to a house in USA suburbs our house is tiny, but since it is in a large Eu city, it is huge.
Before we lived here it was 3 seperate apartments + basement and garage. I am not sure how much square footage we have. We have 6 rooms that could be considered bedrooms, but we only use 2 as bedrooms. I don't think that situation will work when the kids are older though Smile

The rooms themselves are not tiny, but because closets aren't built in, may have to have huge cabinets, then the rooms feel tiny.

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I live in 2 bedroom apartment.I have a pretty good sized living room,tiny kitchen and dining room. 1 of the bedrooms is huge.It is the same size as my living room and I have all 3 kids in there and they have plenty of room.My room is a bit smaller but will work.We HAVE to have a bigger place. DBF is going through TONS of court stuff in regards to custody of his 3 kids so I am trying to wait that out to see if he will retain shared parenting of his 2 older kids and what his visitation with his younger child will be before deciding to move.We are wanting to move in together but I dont want to get this huge place and him only have his kids every other weekend.If he doesnt have them we can go into a 3 bedroom in the same school district and it would be tight when he has his kiddos but would be just fine with my 4. Ugh so complicated lol.

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We live in a 1400sq.ft house, plus fully finished basement. 2br, plus loft (which dh could finish into the 3rd bedroom), 2.5bath. We fit right in it right now, the kids like sharing a room, but I would like them to have their own rooms soon, and our house is currently up for sale!

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We live in a little old (1850's or so) house. 3 bedrooms, but 1 doesn't count because it has no closet. 1 full bath, one 3/4 bath (shower stall, sink, toilet). Decent "country" kitchen (where the dining room is open to the kitchen, but its not really "eat in". Basement-um, dirt/cement and crawlspace with spiders. We have a living room and a den, which is the toy room.

Um, not really. DH has one of the bedrooms set up as an office, and I keep my business stuff in there, and we also have our un-used treadmill there (it gets use in the winter). The closets are horribly small, so we have three dressers and an armoire in our room. DS has no closet, his room is small, but he will have to share it with baby.

We are hoping to put this house on the market in the fall and build in the spring or buy if it sells quickly.

I think that 2 adults, 2 kids and a dog will be too much for this space.

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Bit late to the game!

We rent a 2 Storey, 3 bedroom place with 1 bathroom. It was built in the 60's/70's. The living/dining/kitchen is all open plan. It's fully fenced in the front so DS has free run. The one thing I love about this place is the internal garage!

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4 bedrooms, 1900 sf, 2 1/2 baths, 2 story... and no with baby #4 we definitely do not fit in it anymore! I don't know what to do... as with the rest of the country, we're upside-down in the stupid thing!!