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QOTD Tuesday

What scares you the most about bringing baby home?

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I'm scared that my daughter is going to feel left out or rejected. I know my dh isn't going to help me much and Im sure it's going to be hard dividing myself in two!

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I'm a little scared that I'll never leave the apartment again!

To be fair, it isn't unlikely. We're almost definitely still going to be a 1-car family when LO comes...and here in Portland, it won't stop raining after his birth until about June 2012.

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Lots of things...right now I am dreading the sleepless nights!

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I am anxious about being alone with all 3 kids all day! DH will stay home for about a week, and he is always a big help around the house, and with the kids when he gets home, BUT....I'm still nervous.

My DD just started preschool today, so I'll only have 2 kids instead of 3 for 2 afternoons a week, but she's not the one I'm worried about! I have a very clingy 2.5 year old....who is going to have a major shock once #3 arrives!

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I'm with all of you ladies!!!
I worry that DS will feel left out or neglected. I worry how we're going to fit another child into this house-where will we put her??? I also worry about my husband's expectations of me and what I'll be doing around the house. Because of that, I am trying to get a freezer stash of meals built up so I can just tell him to run to the basement and get something out the night before so I can throw it in the oven/crockpot/thaw it out for dinner.

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I know it sounds silly but I am worried I will not love Aubrey as much as I do DS. I am worried that he will miss out on things, and how is going to react to his new sister.

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I am very worried about how I am going to handle two very young children and keeping the house clean and getting my son to and from kindergarten. I'm worried I won't be able to manage it all.

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I'm worried about being home alone with my first newborn. My hubby will be home for 2 weeks but he works at least 30 min away. I love where we live but we are kinda in the middle of no where! My closest friend lives 45 min away and my mom has alot of medical issue so she may not be able to stop drop and roll. but my one relief is this sight!!!!

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I'm only worried about the first few weeks when days and nights are confused and you're recovering and exhausted and trying to get the baby to sleep at night. I also worry about returning to work at 12 weeks and getting up during the night and balancing work. Oddly enough I don't worry about DS #1 all that much. Maybe b/c my sister and I are 22 months apart and I can't imagine anything better we've always been best friends and I just assume Evan and DS #2 will be the same - even if they do crazy things and drive me nuts :):)

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I guess I have not really focused on when baby comes home. I am just worried about me healing from the c-section

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Being left alone with them!

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That this will be baby #4 and I'll go insane and have to be locked away... lol...

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