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Qotd: Tuesday

Other than the arrival of your lo what'd the next special event youre looking forward to?

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I'm having my last hourrah baby shower on Friday night, and then to the pumpkin patch on Saturday with Melodie. It'll be nice to have a last outing with just the two of us.

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It's not really a special event as such, but finishing my exams on the 27th Oct!!

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I'm looking forward to my solo weekend all alone at home, which includes my trip to the spa Smile

I'm also excited for my choir concert on Nov. 6th. Here's hoping I can make it that far! I will definitely be the fattest person in the choir.....LOL

Then after baby comes I'm excited for DH's leave from work! He won't be able to take much time off when baby arrives (maybe 2 days) but he booked a whole month off from Dec. 6th to January 12th. I might be sick of him by the end but it will be nice to have him here to take care of the 2 big kids while I focus on baby. I'll just have a rough start until his leave starts! But my mom and MIL should be able to help me out at first.

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My DS birthday is on Nov 10th. I love his bday...it always reminds me of how far he has come. I do admit I take some time to mourn my DD (his twin) but I feel that is healthy. Then I go all out and make him feel like the most special boy. I hope I have healed enough from the c-section to still get it all done. I know my mom and DH will help out but I want to do it.

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I have an old college friend that lives in Colorado that will be visiting the area in December. He has 2 kiddos now and we plan to get together for dinner or something. We may do Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park!!!!

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:freedom:Leave from work!

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Evan turns 2 Dec 10th! Seems totally insane to me that my first baby will be 2!!!

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Thanks giving with my new LO! good food and family it sounds so amazing I cant wait. especialy after all this hospital food (YUCK).

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DD's third birthday (Dec 11) and Christmas!!