QOTD: Tuesday

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QOTD: Tuesday

What is your favorite magazine?

ETA: My bad, I don't know why I was thinking I was in the December board, as I always do the QOTD there! Oh well, it's one more post for you ladies lol!

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I love People magazine... but not for the celeb gossip (I couldn't care less about that crap)... I love the crossword in the back!

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You are always welcome to post QOTD's here! I never have good ideas.

I don't read any magazines. I will glance through stuff in waiting room's but I never buy them and don't subscribe. I'm not big on celeb gossip so I don't really care for most of those. When we were first married I used to subscribe to Entertainment because I'm a big movie buff. But I haven't read that in years!

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I'm not much for magazines either....lame I know. I like to check out entertainment/celeb gossip online sometimes though Smile

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When I first had Jack, I liked the Parenting and Parents magazines...
Now I like Redbook. Not that I have time for magazines anyhow...

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i like people magazine and runner's world.

i also like family circle but that's because my uncle is the food guy. he always has some great dishes Smile

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I don't normally read magazines but for some reason I cannot stop buying Christmas magazines right now! I think it is some kind of nesting thing.