QOTD : wednesday

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QOTD : wednesday

What are you craving?

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Iced decaf coffee and any kind of cheese and crackers!
Last pregnancy it was chicken
burgers. Hmmm... I think I'll make chicken and cheese quessidias tomorrow...

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Aged sharp white cheddar cheese.

And a huge, huge amaretto sour that I won't be able to partake in for a LONG time! Biggrin

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Prime rib...I think I will have to take a trip to Black Angus sometime soon.

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Watermelon! Watermelon! summer fruits, an occasional Magnum bar... Did I say, Watermelon?

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buffalo wings.
coffee...oh how I miss coffee!!!!!! I really need it too!

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i don't have any cravings! i didn't with my last pregnancy either. i was hoping this time i would have one!

basically i just want volume. of anything. i want to eat. alot. but i'm like that all the time Wink

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Steak sauce and Taco sauce! I swear I cant get enough of either.I plan my meals around what I can have either steak sauce or taco sauce on lol. Fruit,any kind and TONS of it.

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No cravings at all so far- weird!

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Chocolate milk......chicken salad......

Last night I really wanted mashed potatoes and gravy!

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Green chile... in any shape or form, but I particularly like Chile Rellanos. Also craving coffee and tomatoes with salt on them.

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Chocolate! Oh my gosh I normally don't every buy anything chocolate because I'm just not a fan... but lately all I crave is Kit Kats, M&Ms... it's so bad! The other night DH drove almost 20 minutes away just to get me a frostie from Wendys! It's so bad... I don't want to gain weight with this nonsense, but what do I expect when I have a Twix at 9:40 in the morning (which I just did... lol)!!!