QOTD - Wednesday

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QOTD - Wednesday

What are your favorite children's books? Do you have a favorite author or illustrator?

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Well... Lol!!

I have my own children's library with close to 5000 books I lend out.

Right now I love everything published by barefoot books because most of them come with CDs with songs and the pictures are amazing!

But there are so many great books and authors out there:

Robert munsch
Jann Brett
dr suess

etc etc

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We went to a Barefoot party so I have many of them. I like lots but I get sick of reading the same ones over and over when Evan decides he wants to hear one 1000000000000 times LOL

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My grandma found all theese book with fish in them cause DH likes to fish. they are really cute. but as a child I loved bernstien bears.

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Anything Dr Suess!

DS also loves the books written by Kate Toms, the illustrations look hand stitched and the text is rhyming and very catchy.

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Where the Giant Sleeps my Mem Fox I absolutely love! It's not that old, certainly not from when I was a child, but I checked it out from the library last year for my son and he loved it too! I also love Harold and the Purple Crayon.