Qotd wednesday

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Qotd wednesday

If you could take a day off from being pregnant, what would you do?

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Have a glass of wine go to sleep on my BELLY and not, not get up at night to pee Smile

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Read, lying on my stomach on the living room floor.

Have more than one glass of wine. Wink

Fall asleep on my back!

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Drink wine!

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Lie on my tummy!

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can someone watch my kid for me too?

then i would drink.



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Ya I'm taking a day off from pregnancy and mommy-dom for this one Wink I'd enjoy a bottle of wine and a nice dinner with DH then sleep soundly on my stomach ALL NIGHT LONG

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First off I would have someone watch my kids for the whole entire day, and then I would take a very very very very long nap on my STOMACH!!! Possibly even have a nice long hot bath. Maybe even go out to a movie with Rob and have a very nice dinner our and drink some alcohol Smile Blue Hawaiian to be exact Smile

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1. Have someone watch my child and clean my house.
2. Buy a sixer of some yummy delicious craft beer (like Smuttynose or Red Hook or something even yummier). Maybe a 12 pack.
3. Kidnap my husband, throw our kayaks in our truck, pack a picnic lunch and go kayaking for the day. Stopping to have a picnic somewhere, and drinking my beers.
4. Go someplace for dinner, and eat a really RICH CARB LOADED meal that is full of garlic and spicyness, and have a really decadent dessert.
5. Sleep all night without getting up to pee.

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I would have a big beer and clam...maybe a couple.
Have some uncomplicated private time with DH
Sleep on my tummy
And the big thing I miss is going out somewhere with DS on my own. I have not taken him anywhere, even grocery shopping, since I have been PG. Since he does not walk he has to be carried to vehicle and I have to carry his chair with us and it is just to much to do when you are PG. So every time I am out of the house with DS I am with my husband or a worker to help with DS.

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I would get drunk! Flat out lol.Not a drink or two I would drink alot! This has been a rough few months and it is overdue.I am not a big drinker but a few times a year I really tie one on, halloween and new years eve particuraly. Then I would come home and lay flat on my belly and conk out.

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Ooohh good question! Definitely hit the gym hard for a few hours, go out for dinner and drinks (a few of them lol), a movie (it hurts to sit through one now!), have some crazy all-over-the-place hot sex, and go to sleep on my stomach in my comfy "flamingo" position!! Aahhhh a girl can dream lol...