QOTD: Wednesday

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QOTD: Wednesday

Building on yesterday's question, what are your plans for Christmas?

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Im taking my three year old and my new born cross country to Vancouver for Christmas. We'll probably head over to Nanaimo too for at least an overnight trip. Im looking forward to seeing friends and family, and my mom promised me a night that I could sleep all the way through... heaven!

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We'll have a busy but fun holiday!

We'll spend Christmas here with my family. A few days after Christmas we'll head out to Winnipeg (6 hour car drive) to spend time with more of my family (my Dad and grandparents live in Winnipeg). Then on January 1st, we are driving from Winnipeg to Minneapolis (7 hours) to catch a flight to Phoenix, where my IL's will be (they own 3 properties in Phoenix, but they live here in the same city as us). We'll stay in Phoenix until January 5th, then fly back to Minneapolis, then drive to Winnipeg, then drive back home!

I'm pretty sure I will want to kill myself. That's 4 flights with a 4.5 year old, a 3 year old, and a newborn, plus DAYS in the car. But we had some airline vouchers we had to use, so DH just booked our Phoenix trip this past week. I am excited to go, but I know I will get stressed out! I guess I should let DH get stressed since he'll be the one sitting with and looking after our other 2 kids on the flight while I have the baby!

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Staying home and enjoying the NB and my DD! Can't wait!

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If I'm still on maternity leave, we're hoping to go up to Idaho for Christmas, where DH's family and other two sons live. We normally always go up for Thanksgiving every year, but since I won't be allowed to travel, we had to cancel that trip. We're really hoping to be able to go, assuming that I'll still be able to be on leave and the weather is manageable!

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Our holiday is always pretty much the same. At some point a week or two before Christmas we'll go to DH's parent's house for the day with the boys (CRAZY to think we'll have TWO boys by then!!) and they have pizza and snacks and the kids (DH has 9 nieces and nephews and 1 great nephew, add in our 2 and that's a dozen kiddos! Of course some of his nieces and nephews are well in to their teens and 20s our kids are the 2 youngest) decorate the tree. It's a nice day and everyone will have fun seeing the baby. Then Christmas Eve we go with my family for dinner and my family's gifts then b/c we have the only kids in my family Christmas Day everyone comes to our house for dinner. Last year DH made prime rib but this year we'll probably opt for something easier, lasagna or something. All in all I love Christmas time Smile