QOTD: Weekend Edition

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QOTD: Weekend Edition

Sorry Krystal, I'm sort of stealing your December QOTD!

What is the last fun thing you did with DH/SO? Date night?
Any plans for one last fun date before baby arrives?

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I saw Krystal's QOTD in December and started feeling really bad that DH and I haven't been on a date in a long time! So I texted DH and said "If baby hasn't arrived by next weekend, do you want to go on a date?" and he was so happy, it was hysterical! Usually he is the one who remembers to plan dates, so it was really nice for him that I asked him this time Wink

So I'm planning a date now for next Friday! It's a holiday, but the theatres and restaurants will still be open. I'm thinking we'll see Moneyball or Tower Heist and go out to eat as well. It's hard to find movies DH will like but considering he has the book "Moneyball" and he likes Ben Stiller comedies, either one of those will be a good bet.

Who knows, maybe Murphy's Law will kick in and I'll have a baby just because I planned a date, but if not, at least we'll have a little fun before baby arrives.

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I honestly can not remember the last date we went on! It's probably going to have to wait until January now. Crazy!

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Hm a month ago our friends were married and we went to the wedding that was fun. We don't tend to do much w/o DS but we do have a lot of fun days that include Evan if that counts Smile

I doubt we'll do much pre-baby but I am so excited for DH to have 2 weeks off with us when baby arrives Smile

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The last date night SO and I had we went and saw Johnny English at the cinemas and grabbed some dinner in the food mall beforehand.

Baby is here and I don't see us getting another night to ourselves for a long time.

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Lol no worries Sandra! I jack plenty of other stuff from around here... I don't think that there's a board on here that doesn't!

I'm gonna reply with my same December answer though... DH and I went and saw Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on Friday night at the Hard Rock on the strip. It was so much fun... I love those guys. It was so nice to get out just the two of us. I'm hoping to go and see Paranormal Activity with him within the week, if I can get my sister to sit with my kids!