QOTD - Weekend Edition!

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QOTD - Weekend Edition!

What other online communities do you frequent/ lurk on?

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Joined: 03/29/11
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I used to lurk on the November boards of Mothering.com

And I keep meaning to join thebabywearer.com !

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I don't really hang out anywhere else online. I do lurk around the greysanatomyinsider forums from time to time and post occasionally.

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Mainly here, I used to frequent yorkietalk.com a lot... but there's only so much you can say about your dog lol!

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There's a board for readers/writers and one of my favorite authors has a section where her books are discussed. She actually chimes in so it's interesting to read. It's been around a long time though and I just found it recently (like 15 years so a fairly LONG time in internet terms) and most the regular posters are friends, have met the author etc etc so mostly I just lurk. But that is fairly interesting still. Otherwise I just post here that's about it.

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Pretty much here and occassionally another parenting forum based in New Zealand.

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