Question for nursing Mama's...

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Question for nursing Mama's...

Are there any foods you have to avoid while nursing, because they make baby fussy/gassy?
I am finding that I cannot eat anything with tomatoes... broccoli/cauliflower.... I have also cut out some dairy, as well as caffeine.
I do still eat chocolate though. I know, bad Mommy! But I just can't help myself with the holidays and so many delicious chocolates out there!
Any other foods? I'm just trying to narrow down what could have made Logan so gassy last night.
TIA, ladies!:)

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The things you list are exactly what my mw says stay away from Smile I usually notice after I ate something that I shouldn't have eaten it. But I don't drink caffeine, I get too scared the baby will never sleep.

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I got such comflicting storys about eating certain foods and breastfeeding. Those seem to be the main culprits of trouble for little tummys but also if it doesnt help with gas keep a journal and keep track of his gas.

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Garlic makes my LO throw up all day the day after I eat it. She seems ok with other foods though.

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I guess we are lucky here. I have not changed my diet at all and Jonah seems just fine. I even drink 1-2 cups of coffee!

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No changes here....he can be gassy sometimes but we just cycle his legs and he gets it out. I have no idea if my food contributes to it and since he doesn't seem incredibly miserable I don't care Wink I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning doesn't bother him at all. I do avoid it in the evening but I don't know that it would impact him I just don't typically drink it that time of day

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The only thing I stay away from is spicy food because it not only upsets his stomach but mine and beans. Gianni is gassy all the time no matter what eat and he has no problems letting it out so I haven't seen a reason in changing my diet.

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My Mother said she couldn't eat nuts of any kind, any cruciferous veggies or tomatoes while breastfeeding.

AFM, the only thing I restrict right now for feeding purposes is caffeine. I had 1/2 can of diet coke at work a while back and he DIDN'T SLEEP that night. As much as I love my lattes, nothing is worth that!

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Hmm.. nuts, I never thought about that one. I did have some peanuts the other day. The only reason why I cut out regular coffee was because I wanted to see if it would help him. He toots a lot. I mean, A LOT! My dh told me last night he was really gassy as a baby too. Last night was MUCH better thankfully Smile Logan's nose is still stuffed up, but the gas and tight stomach has gone away. The list of what I can't have is getting bigger, but if it means I don't have to listen to a screaming baby, I'm ok with that! Yesterday Logan cried from 3:30-6:30pm solid. How long does it usually take to get through to baby in the breastmilk? Funny, this is my third baby, but it seems like the first. I think my other son was fairly gassy too. My daughter was great, nothing affected her, except she had reflux, and was constantly spitting up.
Thanks for all your advice, I will definately use it... and I might try the baking soda trick too... sounds interesting! Thanks Smile

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What's the baking soda trick?

Cauliflower & Brocolli I avoid because the Dr mentioned it, and hot/spicy things but hadn't thought of those other things. We had a rough night a couple back, finally the next morning I realized I'd had a large drip coffee in the late afternoon which was probably the cause. Normally I have 1-2 coffees in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon or evening I have a half-caff. Other than that, I don't follow any particular diet, I just try to eat balanced meals... if I feel like I'm too restricted I tend to binge :oops:

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[QUOTE=*JuLiE*]How long does it usually take to get through to baby in the breastmilk?QUOTE]

In my experience, the caffeine gets through pretty quick...within 6 hours, I'd say.

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I thought I post it on here but the baking soda you make a paste with warm water and rub it on their belly and swaddle them tight, but not too tight,then put slight pressure on their belly while holding them. They will have instant relieve almost all the time. I have done this with all my kids and my mom and grandmother and so forth, it has always worked.

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I have never heard of the baking soda trick. I'll have to try it!
Trinity seems to be gassy in the evenings mostly, but its just her fussy time.
The only food I need to avoid is cabbage and onions. I found that out the hard way after eating some sauerkraut pierogies. Sad

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I haven't found anything that makes him gassy or fussy per se, but I do notice that when I eat anything with garlic or that's spicy he pulls away from my breast after taking a few sips, and when he finally decides to eat because he's so hungry, he makes funny faces the whole time, like he doesn't like the taste!

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