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quick update

So I failed my 1 hour glucose test. And I am anemic, even though I've been taking iron. Yippee. I KNEW that-I could tell I was anemic again because of my complete sluggishness. Hopefully the new iron 2x/day will help out. And I hope I pass the 3 hour test. Apparently, I got 142 on the 1 hour, and the threshold my doc uses is 130. Same thing as when I was pregnant with Jack. As long as I don't get bp issues.

Oh, on a good note, I think we decided on a crib for the baby. Its a Davinci Anastasia convertible crib. http://www.diapers.com/p/Davinci-Anastasia-3-in-1-Convertible-Crib-Honey-Oak-33910
I like it because it looks a little trimmer than our current crib, but is the same color/finish/wood and has a sleigh bed styling (like the current crib Jack has), and has that drawer underneath it. Smile The kids will be in the same room till we move (next year sometime), so I want their furniture to match. And I can't borrow my sis in law's crib because she is pregnant (surprise!!! they thought they were done with babies....she's going to be 45 next month and her youngest is almost 6, her oldest is 14.) So she's going to borrow our stuff once baby arrives because she got rid of everything, except for a crib.

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Anne, the crib looks beautiful! I especially like the underneath drawer. Ugh that you didn't pass the 1 hour, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your 3 hour test.

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Thanks for the update, Anne!

I'm sorry about the anemia Sad Good luck on the 3-hour, sounds like you were SUPER close to passing (side note: I'm pretty sure my midwife's cutoff is 140).

And I LOVE the crib. It will be an adorable toddler bed for her, too!

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Hope your iron comes up okay quick, I'll keep you in good vibes for the 3 hour! I love the crib too especially with the drawer & how it converts too

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Your crib is really neat! You will pass your 3 hour test no problem Smile and good luck with your Iron.

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What a bummer on the 1 hour. Sad I hope you pass the 3 hour test. I love the crib too.

Now, you guys all need to post these things in December '09 too. I like reading your updates. I just hate searching for them. Biggrin

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Love the crib! Sorry about the glucose and anemia! I've actually been wondering if I'm anemic - I swear I could sleep all day!

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Katie--get your levels checked!!! Seriously. I feel a MILLION TIMES BETTER today than I have in about 5 weeks. No nap required or anything. I just started with the different iron yesterday-only had two doses so far, going to take the next dose with dinner.

Eh, the 1 hour thing stinks, but hey, at least I get three hours to read and relax. I just hope I don't get the "interesting folks" talking to me at the lab. I seem to attract them whereever I go. Beee I had one yesterday talking to me about lead levels and how the landlord is never on the hook for them, its always the parents who are scrutinized. Then he went into his medical history. I was thinking "um, don't you see me sitting here with my book. Please, I just want to read and enjoy the quiet time because i don't ever get it at home".

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That's a sweet crib! I love the "sleigh" look on cribs! I'm sorry you failed your GD test, that three hour test is the freakin' worst!!