quick update on my boys (xp)

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quick update on my boys (xp)

Hi all! just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on my boys! they are both doing ok for their age, they are both now on vents, which was expected, and they both have the umbilical line, where they are getting their nutrition. I started pumping yesterday and have been getting a decent amount of colustrum (avg 15cc) per session. we are not allowed to hold them yet, but have been able to touch them through their incubators. the nicu nurses here are amazing, the boys have a good grip when they grab on to their fingers, the nurses also so they are very active for their age.... I am recovering ok, my OB did a great job on surgery...in some pain of course and (tmi) and really hoping to go #2 soon, havent went for a while and im starting to bloat! lol...but for the most part my boys are doing as well as they are expected for gestational age,hoping they come off the vents soon, im sure we have a long road ahead of us, my boys seem like fighters!

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I am so glad to hear that your boys are tough little fighters. Thanks for updating us. Take care of yourself! Oh and some pics would be nice Smile when you get a chance of course!

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Thank you so much for the update! I have to admit I check back a couple of times a day, just to see if there's an update. My heart just goes out to you, your family, and boys. The fact that they are fighters is just great! What did the nurses and doctors say to expect going forward?

I know what you mean about a BM and ugh right? It'll happen, but such a relief when it does Smile lol. I hope you have a speedy recovery!

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Thank you for the update! I'm sure your boys are spunky little fighters!

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I am so glad they are doing so well:D
Yes, some pictures please, when you get a moment...

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Thank you so much for coming here and updating us! It is good to know that your boys are strong for their gestational age and they are doing well. Have you come up with names for them? Lots of "stay strong" vibes for them!!

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So glad they are doing well! I hope they continue to grow and thrive and be strong little boys Smile

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Wonderful news, thanks for the update! Hope they get off those vents soon & you can share proper cuddles with your boys. Good work on your pumping! Hope your pain subsides and your health gets back to 'regular' soon too Biggrin

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I'm so glad they seem to be doing well for their age! Little fighters you have!

You are all in our thoughts!

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Im glad to hear that the little ones are doing good Smile hugs and prayers for you and the little ones.. get rest and take care

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I'm so glad you updated us so soon! Sending T&P your way for you and your precious new sons! And please post some pics of them whenever you get a chance... we want to see your little angels!