Quick update on us!

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Quick update on us!

Hello friends. First I owe you all a huge apology for not being around. I am just never one the computer for more then a couple minutes at a time. Between visitors, new baby, pumping, trying to bf, trying to heal and just keeping everything in order I never have free hands to type. I do think of you all often and look forward to when I get into daily chats again.

Lily is doing so great. She is 4 weeks today. She was born at 8lbs 2oz and weighed 11lbs 11oz yesterday...crazy how chunky she is. I am trying to bf but I have no milk...I had a reductions years ago and it affects my milk. I give what I can and also pump between feeds to try to get more milk. She is a great eater...obviously when you look at her size. For the most part she has been a great sleeper sleeping 3-4 hours a stretch at night. The last couple nights up every two hours but last night she slept for 4 hours straight - I feel great. I am so in love with her and am trying to cherish every moment. We have been having some problems with DS - his hip is dislocating so he is upset and we have a ton of appts for him so that also keeps me busy. Thankfully I am healing great from c-section. I have been lifting my son since last week so my mom was able to go home (for those that dont remember he does not walk). I am sure my doc might not be to happy with me lifting but it is my life. I gained 13lbs with PG and have now lost 20lbs. Not sure how I am eating like crap. I have been back in pre-preg clothes for almost two weeks. Tummy is still very jiggly - does not bother me at all though - I will work on that when I get the OK to exercise. Overall I am so thrilled with life...Lily was worth it all and then some. I just wish my BP would go down..it has been very high since I delivered (like 170s over 105 or so) They feel when the hormones go out of my system it will go back down to normal. They have given me new meds to help last week and it has helped is it on average 140s over 90s...so still high but manageable until it goes down. Well miss lily is calling me so I have to go but I really will promise to try to be around more. Oh, we did newborn pics this past weekend I will update those when I get them. Take care all

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ehem, she is not chunky. she is "pleasantly plump" Wink

4 hours straight! woot!

i'm jealous of your weight loss - maybe even though you're eating like crap you're just not eating that much. after all, when you're so sleep deprived you may not feel like all that much. i hope the BP lowers soon. probably can't be easy when you're up all the time!!

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GL with your BP it sounds like everything else is really wonderful!

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Great to hear from you! Hope your BP gets manageable again. Glad you got weightloss, however magical you think it is, lol. Take it as easy as you can and enjoy! Biggrin

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I am happy to hear you are doing well! I haven't had time to post either, Nicholas is rather demanding!