A random check in!

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A random check in!





What is LO eating:

How is LO sleeping:

New milestones?:

Something good:

LO's favorite things:

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You: Jen

LO: Carter

Age: 5 1/2 months, oh my!

Length/Weight: Not sure on the lenght but he weighs 20 pounds

What is LO eating: 8 ounces of Gentlease about 6 times a day plus a solid once a day. We've done bananas, carrots, peaches, apples, peas, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, and pears.

How is LO sleeping: Great! Goes down between 10-11pm and up around 9am. He cat naps during the day. His sleeping patterns are so much like ours that it is funny! This boy loves his sleep, just like his mama!

New milestones?: He finishes an entire jar of a solid at one feeding, where he was doing a half jar. He can sit with support and roll over quite well. He can spin himself around when on his tummy. He will also mimic the sounds that I make to him (mmmm, ooooh, eeee, aaaaah).

Something good: I have started signing to Carter! I have Baby Signing Time volume one. Now whenever I give him his bottle or change his diaper I will sign what I'm doing. When we go outside I sign bird and dog, too. It has actually been really fun learning this. I can't wait till he starts signing back.

LO's favorite things: Soft blue lovie, fisher price sea horse, light up teether, ducky tub.

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You: Katie

LO: Rory

Age: 4 months

Length/Weight: At his 4 mo check up 15lb 15oz and 27"

What is LO eating: Breastmilk all day every day Smile

How is LO sleeping: He had a nasty ear infection/viral infection that sent his sleep all to hell but he mostly co sleeps and sleeps well with us. I'd prefer he sleep on his own but not enough to make it happen. DH said he was awake last night and watched Rory roll towards me and apparently I just lifted my shirt and he ate away - I don't even remember it....he eats a lot at night so we'll probably co sleep for a while. On work days I think he does a bit of reverse cycling b/c he prefers boob to bottle and will only take 4-8oz during the day then want to nurse all night, aw well.

New milestones?: Nothing super exciting, he rolls, he can kind of pivot around on his back, lots of smiles and laughs

Something good: He seems to be over the ear infection/viral infection. Having a sick baby was not fun at all!

LO's favorite things: Being held LOL Rory is a big fan of mom and being with me Smile

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You: Justine

LO: Sunniva

Age: 4 months

Length/Weight: don't remember length but she is 15 lbs.

What is LO eating: just mommy's milk so far

How is LO sleeping: not so good...she eats a lot more at night than in the day! Usually she wakes me up about 5 times but we are cosleeping too so at least I don't have to get up (unless the boys wake up).

New milestones?: nothing new but she rolled tummy to back a few weeks ago

Something good: she is still very sweet tempered. Smile

LO's favorite things: she has a little blanket thing with a giraffe head that she loves to chew on.

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You: Krystal

LO: Trystan

Age: 4 1/2 months

Length/Weight: 24 inches long, 15 1/2 lbs

What is LO eating: BM, Gerber oatmeal cereal, peas... haven't introduced fruits yet because I don't want him to not eat the veggies anymore lol!

How is LO sleeping: Once he's asleep, he sleeps eight hours... but getting him to sleep the past week has been super hard. he fights it.

New milestones?: He rolls on both sides, and has an apparent mango allergy (I posted a thread about it).

Something good: BF is still going strong!!

LO's favorite things: Pooh rattle/blanket, Little Einsteins, me eating his feet lol...

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You: Amber


Age:5 months

Length/Weight:15 lbs 27 inches I think.

What is LO eating: EVERYTHING! He has fruit in the morning and veggie at night and usually has stuff off daddys plate.He loves mac and cheese and even with no teeth manages to eat it lol.

How is LO sleeping:Not too bad. usually 6 hours then a bottle then back to sleep for about 6 more.

New milestones?: Rolls both ways super fast. Spins all over his blankets lol. He sits with support grabs at his feet. He has realized he has a tounge and it is funny.

Something good:His sunburn is much much better now. He is happy 95% of the time and the gas seems to have finally calmed to a managable level

LO's favorite things: laying on the floor,links,exersaucer, his siblings and going outside in his stroller. He likes to go for rides int he car but only in dads car. He loves to look out the window at the trees too.

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You: Sandra

LO: Emerson

Age: 4.5 months

Length/Weight: Not sure currently - about a month ago he was 16 lbs 5 oz and 27.5 inches. I'm guessing close to 18 lbs and 28-29 inches.

What is LO eating: Just booby milk - but he is eating SO often, I really want to start solids to see if that helps fill his belly!

How is LO sleeping: Terrible. Eating 5-6 times a night and in between very fitful and restless.

New milestones?: Has only rolled over once but he sure tries hard! Also loves to practice sitting up on his own.

Something good: He is so smiley, it makes up for the poor sleep. Almost.

LO's favorite things: He loves his Elmo toy. That thing gets gnawed on all day!

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You: Nicole

LO: Aubrey

Age: 5 1/2 months

Length/Weight: At her 5 month check she was 14.7lbs and 25.2 in.

What is LO eating: Just Booby milk.

How is LO sleeping: She co-sleeps with us. She wakes maybe once or twice during the night.

New milestones?: We are practicing sitting up at the moment. She's also working on her 2nd bottom tooth.

Something good: Its SO payday this week, woohoo! We budget month by month - so this last week is usually down to the last dollar.

LO's favorite things: Snuggles. Loves watching her big brother and showing a lot more interest in her exersaucer.

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You: Jasmine

LO: Laszlo

Age: 5 months and a few days.

Length/Weight: He was 17 lbs 4 ounces on Friday. I haven't measured him in a bit, but he was 31.25'' roughly a week ago. Lanky!

What is LO eating: Breastmilk, formula, yogurt and cod liver oil. Sometimes bananas, sweet potatoes and avocados.

How is LO sleeping: Ha. He also reverse cycles - I spend all night rolling him over to switch sides nursing.

New milestones?: A VERY clumsy army crawl! And he's finally fully and completely sitting! The kid is still toothless, though.

Something good: My milk supply seems to have improved significantly - supplementing is always going to be in the cards, but I'm happy to give him as much as I can.

LO's favorite things: Cod liver oil, haha! Silly playlists and our older cat.