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Reaction to names

So those of you that have had your are peoples reactions to the name. For the most part people really like it and they say what a beautiful simple name it is and most people say they don`t know any Lily. But then we were at Walmart the other day and the cashier was saying how cute and little she was..I was so proud Smile Then she asked her name...and I told her. She looks at me and says `boy that is SUCH a common name`and emphasized the such. Really...that is what you say to a stranger. I said that is funny as we know no Lily and there is not a one in my sons entire school. She said...`well I hear it all the time`. Even if you think it I thought she was pretty rude. I just walked away and when she said to have a nice day I just continued on my way.

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people are stupid. don't let it bother you, especially not some random cashier at walmart!

who cares if lily is common?? it's a beautiful name and it's the one that YOU picked!

our son's name is very common and baby #2's name is even more common and guess what? i don't care!

try not to let that stuff bother you. some people are just socially retarded and don't know how to act around people!

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Yeah, I think the same rule that people think applies to conversing with pregnant women applies to conversing with new mom's about their babies (say whatever the heck they want) :rolleyes:

In the past, for the most part we have only had positive reactions to our name choices, but I can sometimes tell when people don't like it Wink

For example, my granny (whom I love dearly, but she is a bit crazy! She's 4 foot 10, has a Scottish accent, and once tried to turn my Dad "down" - he was talking loudly - with the TV remote. Not joking.) has not been a huge fan of our name choices. When we told her about Eli, she said, "Well......I guess it's nice that you can't shorten it to a nickname. That's one good thing."

ROFL I take it with a grain of salt from my family, but from a stranger in Walmart? That's just rude.

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Ha I haven't even told my family about our name choice b/c I don't think they will like it. We love the name Rory but people tend to comment that it is a girl's name or they talk about the I just started telling people we didn't know lol

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We've gotten nothing but positive feedback on Carter's name. But even if someone said something negative I wouldn't care. His name is special because he was named after Matt's grandfather who passed away a week after we found out I was pregnant.

Who cares what that cashier says. I only know one other Lily other than yours. It is a great name!

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Lily is a great name! In my life i have only met 1 Lily, and i have been in sales for 15 years. Walmart cashier opinion would help if we wanted 2 know when the busiest shopping times are Wink

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I think I'd be peeved too. The word common really would erk me. Lily is a ver popular name in my circle of friends, but that means it's a beautiful name that everyone loves. It's not "common" at all!!

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Melanie - I have two great nieces born this year that are named Lily/Lili but you know what. It does not matter. It is a pretty name and you choose it for your little girl. I just laugh that my niece and Sean's nephew both picked the same name 6 months apart. I also have 2 nephews named Jesse that are 3 months apart in age and a niece Jessie that is a few years older.

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m;k.I agree if you like it that is what matters!
PP's Lily/Lili reminds me of my sisters... several years ago, I got a dog in January, on MLK Jr day. I named him Martin Luther Ling Jr. I wanted to call him Luke. I did for the first few weeks I had him. Then my sister had a son, named him Lukas. She said she had really wanted to name him Luke, but her husband said that was too similar to their dog, Jake. In March, another sister had a boy and named him Luke! To this day they fight over who came up with that name first!
Almost 2 years later, they were both pregnant with girls, they wanted similar names. Lukas' mom decided not to name her daughter that because she knew Luke's mom would steal the name and they would be stuck with same name kids. That sister is so sad because she says her daughter would fit that name so much better... coincidentally 4 years after that, I named my daughter the German version of that name, because it was my gmil's name (which completes the circle, because I had originally told Luke's mom that IF I ever had a girl I would name her after my gmil and that is where she got the idea for the name to begin with!)
As for #3's name, I have gotten a few comments about it not being normal, pretty much the opposite of the walmart lady. I have gotten are you sure that is a name? that is a weird name. Are you sure you don't mean Quirin? at the peds office, oh I found a mistake here, it says Quentin, I'll fix that to say Quirin.... no that isn't his name!

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People react terrbily to our children's names. I am rarely offended or bothered by it. People just never know what to say if the answer to "what's the name?" isn't what they expect. The only time I get truly peeved is when they start to crack jokes about the names. Like, schoolyard jokes, in front of the kids. "Cable? Like, Larry the Cable guy? What's your daughter's name? Satellite?"

It will get easier to brush off as time goes on. For the record, I've only known one Lilly. It's a really beautiful classic name. You should have asked what her name is and said with even more disgust, "UGHHH that is SUCHHHHHH a common name."