really bad week

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really bad week

I know I said that I wasn't going to complain for 7 days but I'm in tears and feel horrible right now.

I've had a yeast infection for a month. A month. It has not responded to any treatments, and I feel like I've tried everything. I don't feel like my midwife is taking this seriously enough - she literally asked me the other day what *I wanted to do* at this point. As an aside, I don't eat refined sugar and I eat TONS of probiotics. Long story short, I'm in the midst of doing this ridiculous insurance coverage shuffle to get the majority of my birth center birth covered --- so I can't really go get a "second opinion" without paying out of pocket.

I have sciatica so bad I can barely walk. I think it might be combined with SPD, since it basically hurts no matter what I do. I had a spasm so bad earlier today my knees buckled and I spilled coffee on my computer - something else I DON'T need to be dealing with.

Anyway, I'm a huge mess and its wearing on SO. We just had this huge screaming fight because we're both so worn down by the fact that I'm essentially completely useless and pretty emotionally brittle due to chronic pain... it would be really expensive to change care providers at this point but I hate the feeling that my midwife isn't taking these issues seriously.

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Sorry to hear you are going through this. Sad Have you tried the pills for the yeast infection? Sometimes you have to take more than one course of them. I used to get yeast infections a lot and one thing that helps is yogurt. You can eat yogurt or you can actually just put plain yogurt right on your hoo-ha & it does help it feel better.

Good luck & hope you are feeling better soon.

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Yeah to what Justine said. I have heard of the yogurt thing too. Also my boss told me wrap fresh garlic in panty hose and put it in your hoo-ha and it will get rid of it. I've never tried it because A. I have always taken Diflucan and B. it seems smelly (lol!). I hope you find some relief. There is nothing like feeling miserable with a yeast infection. And for a whole month!? poor thing.

If this makes you feel any better...I sneezed and peed on myself the other day. hehe :oops:

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No advice but just some (hugs) your way.

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Sorry to hear it.

I had to repeat courses of Monistat intermittently from February through May. It sucked but I think it's gone (for now?). The itch cream that comes with it makes life less miserable. Will your OB allow you to use the 7-day Monistat?

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Wow, I can't believe your doc asked you what YOU wanted to do?? WTH are you paying her for?! I had a lot of yeast during my BFing with DS, and we had constant thrush. Some women are just yeasty but you should still be able to get it under control. Maybe get a 2nd opinion... ask her who you should see if she can't find help for you!

I don't know about the sciata (sp?). I never experienced it but I had TERRIBLE gout with my DS and it was crippling. Luckily I seem to not be getting it this pregnancy.

Pregnancy and children are hard on relationships. There is a lot of growing, changing and adjustments. Tell your SO to be patient with you and you will with him... and work on speaking nice and calmly to each other and if you can't, wait to talk until you can. That's what I do with DH. It isn't easy but anything worth fighting for you will fight for, ya know?! Hang in there lovey! HUGS!

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PS Gentian violet cures yeast too... maybe try that or some other "natural" remedies. And maybe you are taking too many probiotics?! Try adjusting your intake and other remedies... ??

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Sad Yikes!

Don't worry, I think you have a right to complain. Big hugs!

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She asked you what to do???? WTH???? How frustrating. I hope it goes away soon, those are miserable!

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Thank you for all the sweet sympathy, ladies!

My sciatica is feeling better today. I think I'm holding stress-tension, and fortunately I've got access to some really affordable acupuncture (community-based, sliding scale) that may be a good place to check in with in terms of managing that.

And in terms of the yeast...I think I'm going to do monistat or something similiar next. I feel like I could write a book on natural yeast remedies that have not worked for me...piece of garlic in the vagina, kefir or plain yogurt on the tissue. Probiotics and boric acid tablets applied topically. Putting apple cider vinegar and 1/2 cup salt in a sitz bath. No underwear when I'm just bumming around the house in my maxi-dresses. I could go on, lol.

SO is a rock and I'm really lucky to have him. I was being irrational and difficult last night, and he dealt with it in the best way possible (imo) - he left for about 45 minutes and got some exercise at our 24-hour gym.

Thanks again for being such a great source of support. :bighug:

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Jasmine---i hope you feel better soon Sad im sorry your going through it.. hopefully it will be taken care of soon Smile HUGS

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i'm so sorry you're dealing with this. pregnancy and then the baby are huge stressors on a relationship! i can't tell you how many screaming matches DH and i had over nonsense just because we were both stressed and overtired from the newborn/colic/no sleep thing. for me now, being pregnant while chasing a very active toddler leaves me exhausted by the time DH gets home and the poor guy has to deal with me being not-so-nice.

i hope the yeast infection can be cured soon. i would be really upset with my midwife. and for her to as YOU what you want to do? well, let's see...B**CH! i want YOU to fix it! i wish i had a suggestion. i know that for thrush the genetian (sp?) violet seemed to be what alot of ladies used to help it. i had thrush and used a topical something but don't remember what it was. it will come to me.

hang in there. vent away whenever you need!

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For the sciatica, half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of Epsom salts in a bath three times a day worked absolute wonders for me! In three days I went from worse than labour pain to the occasional twinge. After five days I just do it once a night and it's enough. I have no idea why it works but it does. I have two other friends who swear by it too.

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Jasmine, honestly honey forget the herbal remedies for yeast... you are pregnant, just get the monistat or diflucan and have your hoo-ha feel better finally. it will make a world of difference! Then to prevent it, you can keep up with probiotics... You poor thing!

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I just wanted to send *hugs* your way. It is hard to grow a baby, and deal with all the other things that come with it.

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Hugs! Glad it's a little better today. I have a really dumb question though has this been diagnosed as a YI? I just ask because when I was PG with DD I was convinced I had a YI... rushed in to the doctor and she made me wait for cultures to confirm, like 2 days, I was going WTH this is obviously a YI I'm a mess, I just need a little Monistat but the Dr was firm I shouldn't take medication which may be unnecessary & sometimes could be harmful, she said they usually prescribe differently with PG moms anyway. Turned out it wasn't - it was just leukorrhea... unpleasant, sticky, sometimes irritating too. I had to wear a pad nearly the whole pregnancy which I detested. But the rest of my PG was quite fantastic so that was really my only lumps to take. I did have sciatica pain but not nearly as bad as you describe! Does stretching help? Sit back straight & alternate ankles on top of knees, chest forward to stretch. Also I had to sleep with a pillow between my knees, annoying (doing it again this PG) but really helped with all the aches in hips sciatica and back. I have been dealing with UTI the past 36 hours, which is new to me and not fun! Anyway good on your DH for letting you vent too

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Oh Jasmine I'm so sorry you're going through this. Have you thought about maybe going and getting a maternal massage? There are a lot of places that do them nowadays. I know it's not going to help the yeast infection at all (BTW, have you checked at GNC or online somewhere as to what homeopathic remedies there might be out there?), but it sure will help your back to feel a little better. Then I say go and treat yourself to a pedicure, a nice one, where they rub your legs and feet and everything. Tell SO to back off, I think he should be a little more supportive of what you and your body is going through right now! Hope you feel better soon!

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So sorry this is a difficult and stressful week for you...I would recommend the Diflucan. I don't know about you, but I get really uncomfortable with a yeast infection...not just "irritated". And for one month?!?! I would be insane! The Diflucan is just one pill and seems to work faster than the Monistat for me. One day/3 day cure Monistat were a joke. I always needed the full 7 day course--but now I use the Diflucan.

During this pregnancy I got one while I was dealing with bleeding so my OB didn't want me to irritate my cervix anymore with creams so he gave me the pill.

Best of luck...hang in there...enjoy the acupuncture, I find that to be such a terrific relief.

And, have you and SO been able to get out and enjoy some couple time? I know that with me on modified bedrest, although DH is wonderful most of the time, we still get into spats with all the stress and being cooped up. I think getting out and enjoy each other's company on a real "date" can sometimes relieve relationship stressors.

Take care. ((HUGS))

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:bigarmhug: so sorry! And I'm with the other ladies who say give the OTC non natural stuff a go LOL A month? I'd have been all over them long before! There are some benefits to having non-natural medicine might as well enjoy it's benefit especially where the whoo-ha is concerned!!! And complain away sometimes you've more than earned it a month of yeasty beasties you have earned it!

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First. You are so not complaining. Just stating some things that are hard to deal with right now. No worries there. I am glad you are going to try something. I too am all for natural remedies but with everything going on I would just try the monistat or something. Wow - that sciatica sounds painful. I am a true beliver in acupuncture for pain....I really hope you get to try it and it helps. As for you midwife...are you kidding me! I can't believe she is asking you what to do...I would not be happy about that.

I hope that you find relief from it all soon. As for DH...good for him for going to the gym - great way to deal with it all! I agree with the other ladies...PG is not the easiest on a relationship.