really scared... change of plans :(

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really scared... change of plans :(

So this morning my Dr told me that we have to wait till Wednesday to induce because she has 2 surgeries on Monday and I really want her to deliver me. Then she tells me that she wants to send me to do an amniocentesis test to make sure his lungs are ready. I totally understand but I'm freaking out!!! I'm so scared. I hate neddle so much and the whole thing makes me cry :(*** I'm going crazy! What if something goes wrong? Or it hurts way more than I've been told.... I just can't hold back the tears.

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aw, you poor thing. i have never had an amnio so i can't say anything about the pain of the needle. i hope it's not that bad. just try to think about how they want to do the test to make sure everything's ok. good luck! we'll all be thinking of you!!

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For me the pain was a bit more than getting a shot. At this point I believe the whole procedure is much safer than back when I had mine at 17 weeks.
I did feel unexpectedly crampy afterwards and rested for a day.
GL , I think it will go easy for you!

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KUP and I hope all goes well!!

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Personally, I wouldn't do the amnio. How far along are you? It's risky around 16 weeks which is when they normally do this test, but at least it's OK because baby is small... but doing one at this point would be totally freaky to me. How far along are you?

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I've heard it's a piece if cake! If something goes wrong you're already at the hospital and he'll come out!

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I'm sorry! I know that AFM, just hearing that I'd need to be pregnant for another 2 days would make me lose my stuff.

I'm glad your Doc is being cautious about Parker's lungs - I agree with Violetgrl that it seems like the risk will be lower this late in pregnancy, based on the fact that they are able to get a much clearer ultrasound image & he has so much less room to wiggle around.


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Ill be 36 weeks on sunday. They tell me the biggest risk is going into labor. I really scared of needles! How am I going to sit through this test. I think if rather have my cervix checked every hour than do this test who has done this? Does it hurt honestly?

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Why would they even have to do the amnio? They could probably see the lungs on the ultrasound, right?

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I had an amnio done at 36 weeks with my dd.
Also to check the lungs- its the fluid they are checking. it was done almost 13 years ago- i believe something to do with them swallowing the fluid and they test it to make sure it is being filtered through the baby. I remember my Dr shaking the fluid and said looks like she will be good.
With my ds they did not even though he was planned section at 38 weeks.

It was uncomfortable, maybe a pinch or so- but I didn't cry or scream in pain and was totally fine afterwards. There is no high risk at this far in the pregnancy is what i was told when i got it done. And I imagine things are different now then 13 years ago.

I am sure everything will be just fine- good luck and try not to be too scared.