Reminder - Birth Stories

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Reminder - Birth Stories

Please add your birth story to the Arrivals and Birth Stories thread! It's nice to have them all in once place - I know people will be stalking our board all month and reading up on us!

I can always quote your birth stories that have already been posted, but if you post them yourselves then they can be edited if you wish.

ETA: Also, if any info is wrong or missing from your Sweet Potato's Arrival stats, please let me know so I can update it!

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I can only get on here with my cell right now so I can't copy and paste mine. After I'm done healing and released to drive I can take my laptop and go to Starbucks or something and do it. I can hopefully do this next week.

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I am sorry I have not sent mine....I keep meaning to. Tonight when everyone goes to bed I am going to sit up and get updated on it all...I just realized my siggie still says I am pregnant