restless :(

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restless :(

I'm finally done with LO room and laundry. Everything is put away and organized in its place Smile but I am so bored!!! With hubby working all week and then hunting season opened this weekend he hasn't been home and I dont feel good enough to drive anywhere by myself. We live out in the country so I can only watch the tv and surf the web so much Sad I really want to go do something but im still on "mod bedrest" besides I have to pee almost every ten min... I'm really ready to be done! Sorry this one is a downer. Just needed to vent for a min thanks ladies Smile

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I hear you! I hope you are able to get some friends to come over and hang out with you!

Because I work from home, I'm trying to put something on the calendar for myself every day. I'm spreading out my midwife appointments, acupuncture, aerobics, birth class so I get out daily -just to keep from going too crazy!

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No fun! I hope you get a break from the monotony with something fun!

I have to say, I'd give my left arm to sit around all day and watch TV and have all the baby stuff ready! Wink But I'm sure I'd get sick of it too before long!

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I hear you! I'm bored too. Unfortunately, things are still in chaos. Dh decided to put in new stairs so I still can't bring stuff to the basement! I'm focusing on decluttering the stuff in dd3 new room but after 15 minutes I'm wiped!

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I'm sorry you're bored...that stinks. But you are doing an important job being on modified bed rest..keep on baking that baby!

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Sorry you're feeling down Christina! Why don't you try getting out for a little walk around your area... is that allowed on moderate bedrest?

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Sorry your mod bedrest is boring you. But that's great you've gotten so much done already! Lol I can't imagine what I'd do - take up knitting? Sadly though I think though I'd be happy to blob out and surf the net and catch up on soaps, lol, I would definitely gain more weight. Hmmm what to do...Did you get your birth-announcements pre-done and envelopes ready to mail? Draft up emails & posts so you can cut-and-paste & add photos?

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I remember how hard bed rest was with my last PG - I never thought I would get bored of sitting Smile I would call some friends and family to come out for a visit. And split the visits up so it keeps you more occupied. Good job on being ready for baby.