Reusable Breast pads

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Reusable Breast pads

Which ones do you use? Right now I'm using lansinoh disposable breast pads but I'm getting tired of using these disposable ones. Anyone try the reusable ones?

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I'm using the same ones you are, and I don't mind them. I've never heard of the reuseable ones, but I don't think I would mess with them... I have too much laundry to do as it is with my family of six!

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I have lilypadz, just in case. the big problem I have read in reviews is that if you leak alot, then when you open them, there is a lake waiting to drain, because these are just a seal and not absorbant (sort of like pasties!) I liked them because you didn't have to wear a bra with them.

They other type washable reusable ones, I think of as just a cloth, so why not use a hand towel or a cloth wipe?

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I have a set of bamboobies...they are amazing and so soft! They are a little on the expensive side though but I got a deal on it during my pg and got the set for $5.

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I also used Bamboobies while I was BF. They are expensive, like pp said, but worth it. You would need several sets though. The set I got came with three different colors and an overnight for a total of 4 pairs. I liked their heart shape because they didn't show under my clothes.

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i have ones made of layers of flannel.... they r not great. New sets are made of bamboo-cotton, they r muchbetter, i like that they shape to your warm body so you cant see the outline in your bra, and they r absorbent. I use daytimes & lancinohs at night when I might leak a lot. I would definitely buy bamboo again.

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I think I'm going to try the bamboobies, I'm sure I can find a good deal on amazon. Thanks!