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OK, my legs are bugging me so bad tonight! I think I have pregnancy induced Restless Leg Syndrome.

Every time I sit down I get these weird feelings in my feet and calves - jumpy, crawly, twitchy feelings that won't go away until I stand up and start walking!

Darn it. I know this is common in 3rd tri for many women, but I've never had it before!

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If misery loves company I'll chime in! Yesterday I cleaned the house. I mopped the first floor (we have one area rug on the first floor the rest is wood/tile), did some dusting, vacuumed the area rug and second floor, cleaned the counters and dusted/polished. Probably 4 hours of cleaning. My right hip and groin kept me up most of the night aching. I couldn't sleep on my side at all it hurt too much back was ok and stomach is no longer a real option. UGH! I remember having that pain at like 35 weeks with Evan but now??? I had to keep getting up and moving around last night. My body is apparently revolting already!

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I've had rls for the last two months! I'm starting to get really uncomfortable and it's on 25 weeks! I am quite overweight but am 30 less than this stage withh dd so I was hoping for an easier not harder pregnancy! at least there is an end in site, think of all the poor people who have to deal with it all the time!

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That sucks, I'm sorry your legs are giving you so much trouble! I developed carpal tunnel syndrome with DD in my last trimester, and it drove me up the freaking wall! My right hand was throbbing and tingling for two months solid and there was nothing that I could do about it... and of course that's the hand that I write with! Not that it makes it any better, at least it all goes away after baby comes!

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Sandra, I'm so sorry you are dealing with RLS. My brother has it and I have seen him be so miserable! Prayers for you that it resolves quickly!

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I hope it calms down for you. I had alot of leg problems and pelvic pain last week when I over did it alot but after a weekend camping and relaxing most of my pain is gone. Does it calm down when you relax?