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Hey there. I noticed you said that your DS just got his second set of tubes. How long ago did he get his first?? My DS never had ear infections for the first 6 years of his life and now he is getting them monthly. It is crazy and so hard on him. We got tubes in March and he just got a ear infection last week. We are going to get them checked again tomorrow. Did you son have ear infections after the tubes? I can't get over how much problems these little ears can cause.

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My son had to have 2 sets of tubes. First ones put in at 12 months. Second set at 16 months. Second set was done because the ear infections did not stop. He had his adenoids taken at that time and some biopsies done. They also did lots of irrigating. We found out that he had a staph infection in his adenoids that was antibiotic resistant. After the second surgery we had no more issues.

You may want to do some research on tonsils and adenoids. Often they are the issue in older children. Does your child snore?

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My youngest DS has tubes.He is still getting infections with them in.Luckily they arent painful to him he just gets some gross drainage and lots of it.So the ENT says we will remove these tubes in October and put another set in then to keep them draining right.

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DS had ear infections non stop from 6months-12 months and the first set went in at 12.5 months and lasted ~15 months. Once they came out we had non stop infections again and a ruptured ear drum from a really bad infection. His ENT said most kids out grow infections around 3 years, but if we continue to have issues, we will discuss adenoids and tonsil removal. The tubes helped so much the first time around. I hope your son gets some kind of relief!

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Have you taken him to the chiropractor? When I was young I had chronic ear infections, as a last resort before tubes my mom took me to the chiro. The ear infections went away. I have had tons of friends successfully get rid of their kids ear infections through chiropractic care. It's worth a try if you haven't yet.