Rory Steven has arrived :)

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Rory Steven has arrived :)

Well he decided to come on his own after all! I delivered at 3:14 am and he was 10 lbs 12oz and 23" long. Chest was 39 cm! He's basically a giant. It actually was very fast I'll write the whole story up but we got to the hospital about 45 minutes before he arrived screaming his head off! He's being a bit lazy about nursing but I have to remind myself that it doesn't take much to fill him.

I feel pretty good. 1 2nd degree tear where I tore with Evan. So far it's not killing me. I Had some bleeding and got some extra meds for that too. Apparently b/c I went so fast and didn't get enough antibiotics for the +GBS they want us to stay until Sunday Morning for Rory's blood work. UUGGHHHH Have I mentioned I hate being at the hospital?

Well he's sleeping peacefully DH went home with DS to try to get his nap in and my mom should be here shortly Smile Yay for my Nov baby finally arriving!

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Congratulations, Mama! I'm so happy it finally happened for you!

Can't wait to hear your story Smile

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wow! you birthed the size of one of my 3 month olds!! great job mama! can't wait to see pics and hear more about it! get some rest!

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Holy crap! He's huge!! Congratulations! Glad to hear it went so fast and he sounds very healthy! Cant wait to see pics!!

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Can't wait for the pics! :party:

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Congratulations! I gladly relinquish the biggest baby prize to you, my dear!

Welcome Rory!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

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Wow!!! You delivered a newborn the size of my 5 1/2 week old...and with only a 2nd degree tear! Impressive!

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Congrats on Rory finally deciding to join the world! Big baby boy- Can't wait to see some pics.

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WOW! Congrats and welcome to the world Rory.

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Wow! Congrats Katie! You grow big babies!! I am glad you ended up not having an induction. Smile

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I knew he would be big because Evan was so big, but I didn't imagine so big! congratulations! love the nme.