Rory's Birth Story

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Rory's Birth Story

I'm still at the hospital but it's a quiet moment. DH is still home with Evan, Rory just had a long nursing session and is snoozing and I'm showered and awake so I wanted to write out the birth story while it's in my mind Smile

So I was 41 weeks pregnant Thursday and set to be induced Friday. I really didn't want to be induced but I didn't want to spend any more of my maternity leave baby-less and I was horribly uncomfortable and didn't want to risk a huge baby. So Thursday I decided if I was going to be 41 weeks pregnant and induced I was going to have a clean house. I vacuumed, did laundry, mopped and did the bathrooms.

Around 5pm I started to notice contractions. They were a little random sometimes 5 min apart spacing out to 8-10 and definitely not really painful. i had been having contractions on and off so I ignored them. We ate dinner, put Evan to bed, watched TV. Around 10 I noticed them picking up and thought perhaps we should head to bed just in case. I couldn't get comfortable. So I went downstairs with a book and read. I knew at that point the labor was real. Around 1am DH came down to ask how I was and since things were picking up I said I thought we should organize our stuff, put the dogs out for a potty break and call my mom to come sit with Evan. I called my mom around 1:30 am and she got to me house around 1:45-2am. We organized with my mom and got to the hospital and settled in L&D around 2:30am. The nurses asked how far along I thought I was and I said I guessed probably 8cm'ish like with Evan. They looked at me like I was nuts. Apparently when you're 8cm you shouldn't be walking and talking so easily. They checked me and I was 7cm fully effaced so they called my doc. He arrived in like 2 minutes and broke my water. About 3am he checked me again and said I was 10cm and could push. I was so shocked. With Evan I arrived at 8cm then stalled for HOURS even after doc broke my water. Now I'm a champ about contractions I can get through the worst of them with very little issue. I hate pushing. That whole "it's an urge you can't hold back" apparently doesn't apply to me. It's very forced, very painful and I hate it. So I whine a little about hating it to which I get no sympathy b/c the kid's coming. I pushed through just 3 contractions. The first one I didn't do much good and whined a lot. The second was more productive (still a lot of whining from me) then the third contraction I got behind it and his head came out but dear lord his shoulders were so big. It hurt like hell and I started to lose it. My doc who is NOT an animated man kind of came to life. He basically yelled at me and told me I had to keep pushing -- NOW! He also had the nurses do some crazy hip/pelvis leg lifting adjusting stuff. They were an amazing team and honestly my doc is such a mild mannered un-excited type when he literally commanded me to get the baby out that I could NOT stop I felt a little nervous and did it. So out he came quick suction and he was screaming. Apgars of 9 and 9.

As I said in my other post official time of birth was 3:14am birth weight 10lbs 12oz 23" 37cm head and 39cm chest. I came away with 1 second degree tear in the same spot I had a first degree with Evan. Overall I feel fine. I've been taking ibuprofen every 3-5 hours and that's it. I had some post delivery bleeding and since Rory was so large they were concerned my uterus was having issues contracting back being so stretched out so in addition to the pitocin I had methergin. I had some painful cramping but nothing horrific. And I'm in much better shape today. I got up this morning, showered, changed. I really wish we could go home today but apparently b/c I didn't get in 2 rounds of antibiotics for GBS+ they want to keep Rory the full 48 hours. I'm really not thrilled Sad The babies room in which is hard w/o DH here to help. But one more night I suppose we'll survive.

I think I'm the nurses' favorite patient. The night nurse was the same who helped deliver Rory and she did confirm she thought I was full of it when I arrived claiming to be around 8cm. The morning nurse laughed that I didn't need any help getting up and showered. The only thing I don't do is track my BF'ing. So every time they ask me I just make something up. He eats when he wants, he latches really well, I'm having no pain and I'm not going to write it all down.

So DH and Evan are headed over in a bit. Bringing me some good coffee and snuggles. I miss my big boy horribly. I'm looking forward to 2 full weeks of all of us home! I'm also looking forward to this swelling going down dear lord I look like a marshmallow! Thanks for making it this far Smile

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wow congrats.. and great birth story... thats amazing you pushed him out being 10lbs Smile i bow to you wonder women Smile

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can i just say that i will NEVER show this birth story to my husband? you are like a birthing goddess - so cool, calm, and collected. when i got to the hospital i was 7cm and i was freaking crazy person!

i'm thrilled that rory arrived without the need for induction and i just can't help but :eek: at his size! way to go!!

welcome rory Smile

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It's ok my husband would probably trade me right now for someone who didn't just tell the pediatrician to get away from me. He refuses to discharge us until tomorrow over this stupid GBS+ thing. Every test has come back FINE. It's not like he'd suddenly go in to cardiac arrest if he started to spike a temp we live FIVE MINUTES from the hospital. UUGGHHH I want to go home. I'm like a caged animal in the hospital. I've showered, rearranged the room, I'm going crazy. And it's not like the doc will be here at 8am to send me home tomorrow I'll be stuck here until 11 when they feel like coming in and letting me go. And my husband of course tells me to calm down which makes me more furious. I'm sure some of this is hormonal but I do not want to be here another f'ing night. UGH.

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You ARE a birthing goddess. Good baby growing and good birthing! I'm super impressed and a little jealous Smile

I'm sorry you are alone at the hospital - I couldn't have done it without SO!

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I loved reading your birth story. Thanks for sharing.

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Katie! You are amazing! Biggrin

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What an awesome birth story! Sorry you are still at the hospital. That stinks!

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Congratulations Katie & Welcome to the World Rory!!! Great job and good for you for getting it down so quickly - the story and the baby Lol. He`s such a big boy, wow! Hey one good thing about being stuck in the hospital - free diapers. Okay so it`s a stretch but all I could come up with. Hope you all had a good visit & the doctor is prompt tomorrow am!!!

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Don't worry, soon you'll feel like a caged animal at home. :rolleyes:

Seriously, Congratulations! :sleepyboy:

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Congratulations! I cannot believe you had a 10lb'er!! You are fantastic!
I normally don't mind being in the hospital, ours has room service for food, where you order whatever you want, and they send it up. This time the people I shared a room with were crazy. My dh doesn't stay with me at the hospital, he was hardly there this time actually, said he was so exhausted (umm who just popped out the baby? LOL).
Hope you can go home soon!!

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Congrats again Katie!!!

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Great birth story Katie! Wow that's a big baby! I thought mine was big at 9lbs 1oz lol!! You go girl! Please post some pics!