Rough weekend

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Rough weekend

Normally this pregnancy I feel good other than really tired the first half. I got my energy which is great, but out of the blue Saturday I started contracting. It started in the morning and I ignored it until around 3 and I realized it was a lot. I ended up going in to get monitored and the contractions were 4 mins apart. They gave me 3 IVs and trebutline but it didn't stop anything. They questioned a fluid around my cervix saying it looked "creepy" or thinking it was his water leaking. They started talking about steriods, prepared admission papers, and my doctor transfered me over to the high risk team. The good news is the contractions spaced out before the admission process was done, the fluid wasn't his water and since they normalized, I asked to go home but to do a ultrasound of cervical length first for a baseline. They agreed. During three different manual exams, three different doctors put me at 1 cm and 50 % effaced -2 station. Thankfully the ultrasound shows internal opening is closed and cervical length is 3.7. As long as it's above 2 cm, we are good Smile I came home yesterday and did absolutely nothing and today too. Tomorrow we have an ultrasound scheduled to do an indepth look at him to hopefully get more answers. I don't know why I contracted as I didn't do much that day, was well hydrated, haven't had sex etc. and I don't know why the medicine and fluids didn't stop them..but I'm ever so grateful they did stop. It's all so confusing and there's nothing much I can change, I'd like to pretend Saturday never happened. We haven't had a single problem before Saturday. I guess it's a one day at a time thing right? I can say this though, I may not have understood what happened saturday but I refused to have this baby early and would still prefer to go overdue and have the baby thanksgiving weekend. I really think I'm going to even though we hit a bump and look forward to a quiet 3rd trimester.

Anybody else hit a bump or concern out of the blue?

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I am glad everything is ok!
I have been feeling the same way. My mw just said stay relaxed.

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I'm so glad everything stopped! Here's hoping for a quiet 3rd trimester for you!

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I am so happy that it stopped!! Keep us posted on how you are doing. I am really happy that you seem positive that this PG will go to term I think that when a person has problems and they get so scared and stressed (rightfully so!) that that also plays into how things turn out.

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Melody, how scary! UGH. KUP on how things go at your appt tomorrow! I'm wishing you a quiet 3rd tri!

AFM, I did have some weird spotting around 16-18 weeks or so. Not very much though and it was a really isolated incident. There have been no further problems!

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Melody: VERY sorry that you went through that!! I have had a rough pregnancy all the way--I have a hematoma that was bleeding steadily from 7 weeks until 19 weeks. I am just now starting to feel like I am getting out of the woods--although I wish my hematoma was gone.

I hope that everything from here on out goes smoothly--but if I were you I would still take it easy..

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Melody, I'm glad everything is OK with you and baby... I can't imagine how scary that must have been! Try and take it easy!

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Very scary!! I'm so sorry but I'm glad it seemed to resolve. I've seen other gals on here have some episodes, need meds etc to stop labor then go full term so everything crossed for you and a worry free rest of pregnancy

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Sorry to hear that! Hope everything goes smoothly from now on; remember to rest and take it easy.

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Yikes! That does not sound like any fun. So glad things settled back down okay at the end. Try 2 put your feet up a bit & relax, I agree that your + attitude will really help!

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glad everything ended up ok!