Routine appointment with midwives

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Routine appointment with midwives

I had my monthly meeting with my team of Midwives today... the team is comprised of a super-wise Senior midwife, a Junior Midwife (recently licensed) and an apprentice (in the process of obtaining her license). All three will be assisting my birth. Since the teams are so big, doulas at my birth center are mostly postpartum - things like helping me get up use the restroom the first night and delivering meals.

Everything looks fantastic. Uterus growth is right on, blood pressure was 109/61, baby's heartrate on the doppler was right about 140. I'm only up two pounds. I was assigned to keep a food, water and supplement journal for a week, and the midwives said I can feel free to eat more if the urge strikes me. :icecream:

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Sounds like a great appt! I wish I could work with midwives! Smile

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That sounds pretty cool to have a team in your corner!

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That's so great! Congrats on a healthy appt!

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Congrats on the great appt....and the permission for ice cream - yummy!! They sound like a great team