Rubber Band Trick?

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Rubber Band Trick?

Hi all,

Like many of us I am finding that my jeans are getting a bit snug. Actually they fit in the morning but by the afternoon I have to unbutton them. I keep hearing about some kind of rubber band trick where you can put a rubber band around the buttons or something so you can still wear them? Can anyone explain this to me?

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I've tried that trick! It does work temporarily.

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You just loop the rubberband (i used a hairtye) throught the eyelet of where the botton goes now you'll have a loop on that side that will loop around the button. I looped it around it a couple times. This helped alot to keep wearing my pants longer....GL & congrats on the pregnancy. Smile

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Maybe its just because I'm excitable (and woke up on Thursday at 10 wks 3 days suddenly HUGE) but I've already broken down and bought too-big maternity pants to prance around in.

My sister used this hairband /rubberband trick a lot though -- use one end to loop through the button hole. Slip the other side over the button -- voila, an extra 1-2 inches!

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Stupid Jeans. That's all i gotta say.

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love the rubber band trick! i used it my last pregnancy and it was great! i plan to use that this time around for as long as possible. i want to try to get away with spending the least amount of money on maternity clothes! lol!

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How about yoga pants? I love those!

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Already starting using the rubber band trick.. it's pretty awesome!

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I have already invested in new capris for summer and I just got some of the cotton ones with the elastic waist on them.I will be getting a few nicer pairs of shorts to wear but we spend most of the summer at the pool or the park so it is more about comfort than how it looks to me.I have had to do the rubberband (I use a hair tye less likely to break) a few times this past week when I was super bloated.

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Thanks! I have short hair so I don't have any hair bands but maybe I will go get some so I can give this a try. I am getting tired of wearing sweats. Smile